Saturday, June 15, 2013

#257 - S158_TheYoungPrince_(04-03-88_to_06-12-88)

There have been some stories of Mandrake that appeared as a series. One of the first and long series was the Flame Pearl Series, which ran from 04-21-1940 thru 04-12-1942, nearly for two years. With help of some friends, the whole series was presented in this blog a while ago.

A shorter series ran from 04-11-1948 thru 11-04-1948. There were just 3 stories and it was the City Of Jewels.

Another series which captured the imagination later down the years and was similar to "The Flame Pearls" in that the adventures all happen during the course of journey on a ship, was "The Kraken".

The following were the stories in this series :


 I have been able to get all strips for all these stories except the last 2 strips in S157. If any reader has these strips, please send them across to me. The first story is available in many forms on the Net. I do not have the second story complete as I mentioned earlier. So hear is the third story.

Download RS version here

Download MF version here

For IJC lovers, this story was the first part of the first story in "The Dreaded Island" (IJC Vol 26 No 21) published in  1989.



AJAY said...

Thanks . Really very nice scans

HojO said...

Do you have 'Dolphins' in English?Till date only a non-eng version,Italian(?),is available through Magnus' treasure room!

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

Like I said, everything in this series except the last 2 strips of S157 are now available with me in English pending edit. Will be soon posting all these in chronological order along with the Daily strips.
Unlike what people like Mohammed Ghori think, this is not my day job.

HojO said...

The 1st strip of Kraken series is available in color(in 4-panel,i.e. without those superfluous panels) but do you have that in b/w(with or without original 6-panel format)??If yes,then plz post here as that way we can read all b/w strips..

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

I did not post the first strip because that is already available in various forms on the Net. But I can post it here as my next post. It is a mixture of color & B/W strips. Of course the color strips are from Magnus.

I just collect the strips from various sources. I try to get the Pioneer or other book stuff replaced with strip format. Other than that I am not picky. I just need the story to read.

Anonymous said...

the dolphins and sport of magicians. i can't wait to get, only got itaian versions