Saturday, December 14, 2013

#275 - S168_ThePrisonBreak_(08-09-92_to_01-24-93)

This is an interesting story of a jailbreak and hostage situation involving school kids. Part of it is in color (thanks Magnus Magnusson) and part of it in B/W.

I am providing only the MF link. So download this comic from here. The RS links are not very popular.

Thanks once again to Magnus, for the color strips.


P.S. I am working on the 60 week Sunday story of Mandrake's marriage to Narda, which I am planning to have as the first post of 2014.


marquesp said...

Congrats Venkit !!

Cannot thank you enough for these elusive Sundays.

PS: I know I'm super delayed on those dailies you sent me for editing, but have no fear they will come out sooner than you think.



HojO said...

thanks for this one...

3d said...

Thanks for mandrake

AJAY said...

Thanks a bunch . Perhaps this one had not been posted in Indrajal series