Friday, January 3, 2014

#276 - A belated Happy New Year

Unfortunately, I had to spend the period between Christmas and New Year in a hospital. I am now back at home and shall try to start posting .

I am posting S169_TheBikersOfGhostTown_(01-31-93_to_08-22-93, which is a rehash of a few other Phantom and Mandrake stories.

I am enclosing only the MF Link. So please download the story from here.



Deathphoneix said...

lee falk liked to rehash phantom in mandrake and vista verta, didn't he.
thanks for the story, 2014 going to be a great year. bring on the wedding

Colonel Worobu said...

I hope you are feeling better Venkit.
Thank you!

TPH said...

Wishing you a very happy and healthy new year.

AJAY said...

Wish you a very healthy & speedy recovery .

Ranjan Gangopadhyay said...

hope you r fine now
wishing you a happy joyfull & healthy newyear