Thursday, July 26, 2007

#013: The Hitman from Another Planet Part 2 of 4

Here is a second part of a recent daily #251. Enjoy reading it. Another request I can make to the readers is to let me know if any of you find any dailies/sundays scans on the net that is complete. I am looking for Daily 211 that Work requested. Still not having any luck finding it/getting it. Also, folks if you all have any physical paper strips/scans that you want to scan let me know before you start scanning so we can avoid redundancy.


Work said...

am keeping my fingers crossed that someone has D211..

i had requested this on ICC.. am suggesting to you also.. what about having time frame when you will focus on specific villains for eg. in the month of august - you will release only comics that has 8 as the villian, month of september where cobra is the villian, and so on...... what do you think.. ofcourse i do not have a good collection of my own, hence can only suggest.. and if you have missing comics on a character then the readers of the forum who have the missing comics can post..

sAg_NiK said...

#Bala:kya hua??? from 3 parts, it was 5 & now 4??????

u really increase the suspense!!...hehehe :)

By the way,like the old Mandrake strips , do any magazine publishes NEW/RECENT strips???

Think it'll b gr8 if it...& HOW COME there r some very old strips available BUT no new ones!!! [i asked several ple n ans is same]

Anonymous said...

Magic strips like Mandrake
but where is for download?
Ciro Balzano

Comic Guy said...

Waiting for next parts..nice thriller Mandrake one.Fantastic job you are doing Bala..Hats off for you:-))

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@Work: Thanks for the input.
I like your idea, but unlike Indrajal, there are not many scans available for Mandrake and I don't have all dailies or sundays that are complete stories.
Hence, what I am thinking is post as many dailies and sundays that are complete and available now.
Readers are welcome to email me any dailies and sundays they have and I can post it. Let me ask this question to all the fans and see if people like this approach.

@Sagnik: I did not have some scans and thought I could do it in 3 parts and then I found the remaining ones and updated post titles based on 30-35 scans per post. It's also good to know you guys are paying attention...
I don't know what publisher is currently interested in Mandrake.
Looks like not many publishers want to publish any new or recent strips...Sadly. Even old strips it is difficult to see magazines containing them.
@Ciro: Will provide download link soon.
@Comic_guy: thanks, keep checking back