Saturday, May 24, 2008

#108: S095: The Mole From 16 Aug 1964 to 14 Mar 1965

Since getting my gmail and blogger back, I have come up with a password that is highly cryptic and I will keep changing it often so I won't get screwed again by anyone! I am still flaming as I lost most of my emails from several of my friends. Time to move on. ... (After all I am in IT Security and should have known better.)
Hectic week trying to wind up unfinished items before I head to India (Bangalore) for 4+ weeks of vacation with my family of 4. Leaving on June 2nd.
Have an interesting story here provided by Myron. Thank you very much for providing the scans so that we can all get to enjoy it. Also, just received an email from him on using a search criteria for searching Mandrake items on ebay. Was wanting to do the same as I have bought many books of Mandrake myself.
Paste the following in the search box on :
mandrake -linux -sleeve -CDs -root -bottle -pills -beta -bitters -herbs -tom -oil -memorial -edguy -hemlock -eddy -firewall -router -potter -herb -lp -stickers -pendant -smenkhkare -galoob -creeps -swamp -shade -plants -audubon -botanical -knoppix -disks -seeds -gargoyle -medical -VHS -TV -10.
This will narrow the search to more relevant items. Then bookmark the page. Name it Mandrake on eBay.
Enjoy the Story.

Download Strip Here


Myron said...

I have used the maximum amount of characters that eBay allows. If a new unwanted item regularly appears in search results, just substitute a word in my list with the new one.

dArA said...

Nice adventure indeed!
Phil Davis was his best in the '30s n '40s but still art-work is good,,,and it's the LAST 'complete' Falk-Davis strip as just after it he(Davis) died in an accident and then Frerricks took the chrge frm the next strip,,,

Colonel Worobu said...

Welcome back Bala! I hope your B'lore trip will be fruitful, comic shopping-wise :o) Don't forget the locations I mentioned for getting old comics.

Also check out Landmark for the Lucky Luke English editions as well as the Biggles and the Herge (non-Tintin) comics!

deratt1 said...

Thanks for the great story. Enjoy your your well-deserved vacation!

adibud34 said...

Thanks so much for this story! Also, enjoy your vacation in B'lore. Incidentally, I'm also from B'lore - which part of B'lore do you have family in? The traffic probably sucks worse than ever now, but at least the food is still good! :)

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Myron: Thanks for the info.
Dara: Pretty sad to hear that Davis passed away in an accident. Thanks for the info.
Col.W: Thanks. I hope so. I will be going to Blossoms & Landmark for sure. Hopefully I can find the stuff. Most of my emails got deleted by that A55 hole. Hate that guy for doing that. What did he gain by deleting my emails?
Deratt1: Thanks. Will try to post if I get internet access.
Aditya: You are very welcome. Thanks for the wishes. I live in Subramanyanagar & in-laws in Rajajinagar 1st Block. How about you? I am really not wanting to spend my precious vacation in traffic but can't help it. I think not having been to Bangalore in 4 years will be a culture shock for me. I am hoping to have a great time catching up on comics and getting back some good Indrajals
(a few of my friends are going to send me) Can't wait to see those physical copies in my hand!!!

dArA said...

Yeah,Davis died in an severe car-accident in 1965,,then his wife,Martha Davis,took the illustration chrage of Mandrake for a couple of months before Fredricks became the offical artist of Mandrake!

Btwn,Martha Davis assist Phil for drawing those beautiful ladies and their clothes in Mandrake strip,,,,,as she was a dress-designer by herself!!

P.S.- I know these infos r bit off-topic but can't help it,, :-)

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Dara: That was good piece of information. Liked the way you presented these facts. Such info on artists always welcome.

adibud34 said...

Hi Bala, cool, yeah I am sure you must be experiencing the reverse culture-shock back in B'lore. The traffic was horrible when I visited two years ago, and I'm sure it's much worse now, with Nano's on the street and whatnot! :D

My folks live in Malleswaram, and I've got a lot of family in Vijaynagar, Banashankari, Jayanagar, Basavangudi etc...

Enjoy your trip the fullest!

Work said...

is there any chance that you can post the comic in which octon is revealed to be the cobra. i have been wanting to read it for a long time but have never been able to get my hands on it..

thank you for your wonderful blog..

Tapas said...

Just wanted to report some hitch with downloading this file. Mediafire says it is marked private.