Wednesday, March 25, 2009

#126: D130 The Witches 7 Feb 1966 to 28 May 1966 16 weeks

Many Thanks to Myron for scanning and sharing this strip (missing a couple of panels but not a problem as we have the colored scans of Indrajal 121). Since I presented the previous post I thought while we are reading that story some of it may have been edited by Indrajal and was lucky to have this daily strip contributed by Myron. Appreciate you sharing your comic treasures to the rest of the world for MFC (see post 125).
I loved the part where Mandrake shows his superior hypnotic skills and explains how hypnotism can be a deadly force if misused.

Download D130 The Witches From 7 Feb 1966 To 28 May 1966

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Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

It's a real gift. I must confess that the importance of strips I understand only 2 years ago when compared some IJC & strips. Thanks Bala ji & Myron!