Sunday, March 22, 2009

#124: Indrajal Comics Vol 23 No 15 & 16: The Magic Spells Part 1 & 2

Here are a couple of Indrajals featuring Mandrake and Rip Kirby. Excellent scans provided by the grand master Ajay. Many thanks for scanning them and making it available for us. Appreciate your commitment.
So, how was Octon revealed as the Cobra, does anyone have this daily or sunday strip in any language? Will be a great contribution to this project.

Download V23N15-1986-Mandrake-The Magic Spells Part I

Download V23N16-1986-Mandrake-The Magic Spells Part II


Comic World said...

Bala the story where real identity of Octon was revealed was published by Diamond comics.I have posted those comics at the blog along with active support of TPH.
Please check the following post to read those comics.

Rafiq Raja said...

Bala: As CW has already conveyed, it was posted on his blog, Decemeber last year. It was a wonderful finale to know the identity of Octon finally :)

By the way, do provide the MF/RS links, for the comics.... It is pretty painful to browse through individual pages and then save them :(


INdo_MaNdrAkE said...

Octon's IDENTITY was completely revealed in D217(Secret place)which was NEVER published in Diamond nor available in English(as far as I know!)

What published in DC was D211(Book of criminals) where it was "hinted" tht Cobra had controlled Octon,allthough it was not cleared whether he was OCTON frm d beganning...tht was revealed in D217,unforetunately which is NOT available in english!!

PS - The story-summary of D217 provided by peder,thanks to him!:)I donno whether he has any Swedish etc version...

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Thanks Ajay & Baja ji for 2 more IJC.

@INdo_MaNdrAkE: Is D217 available?

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@CW:Thanks for the info will check it out. Congrats by the way for the 100th post.
@Rafiq: How do I do that?
@INdo_MaNdrAkE: Thanks for the research. Please keep us posted if u happen to get D217.
@PBC: You are welcome.