Wednesday, May 6, 2009

#142: S085 Sky Raid From 11 Dec 1960 to 5 Feb 1961

Presenting a classic sunday story compliments of Myron & Rick. Enjoyed the story. I hope you do as well. Narda is taken as a hostage and has an active role in this story.

Download S085 Sky Raid From 11 Dec 1960 To 5 Feb 1961.cbr


Anonymous said...

First ? Yes, I am the first one to comment!

This story comes from one of the best era of the Mandrake set!

Best drawings and very nice script!

ЯR [comicology] said...

Another classic From the immaculate Phil Davis & Falk Mandrake era....

Buddy, It would help if you could also post the download link straight-away with the post. I visit once and get forgotten completely, often missing out on these collections.


MaNdrAke dudE said...

I always love these kinda storiess...also Falk used 2 repeats same themes in many times and this is 1 of thoz themes!!:)

In short,khasa golpo...Keep it up!!

Traka said...

Thanks Balaji, a new old sunday to collection. Bravo

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Emile, Yes you are right, you are the first.
RR, there is a reason for that. See if I post the download link, then folks won't take time to comment. Also, it increases my traffic as people keep coming back to check. Rest assured, your downloads will be here for you.
MaNdrAke dudE, You are correct. Will try. There is lot more interesting stories coming. So keep visiting.
Traka, How are you friend, long time, thanks for the comments. Good to see you.

Anonymous said...

yo man u got hi quality scans n u ruin em wid name on every page wotsup wid dat? u shud use gonvisor or sumthin or include ur info in da cbr or add a last page scan of ur site. i jes deleted the file coz its so disgustin to read wid every page spoilt! serious man think about it.

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

@Anonymous (The last poster not the first)- I really am jealous of you. You really take pains to read a comic line by line. You wouldn't want the blog name to come above the small print, page number and the Continued! You want them also to be very clear for you to read!

You have the right to voice your opinion, however silly it is, which it is. But do not expect us scanners to do what you want. If I have a treasure that I want to share with you, then I will share it in the manner I want and not the way you want.

And you might also want to sign your note at the end. All nameless people are not the same as GOD. It just does not seem right to answer to a wall.

ЯR [comicology] said...

@ Balaji: Agree with you. Everyone has ways of posting about their topic, so if this method invites more people to talk about the venture, then so be it. What matters is the discussion. :)

By the way, thanks for the link, now :)

@ Venkit: I too read the Anony's Comment, and felt that he was little blunt in passing his observation. But, I agree with his underlying interest that no scans should be spoilt with signature or watermarks, unless they are placed at the blank corners of the page. It would be little time consuming, then fitting it automatically at the end of the post. But, it's the ultimate credit given to the true meaning of sharing among friends. At the same time maintaining our ownership for the time taken to share it. But then again, as you said, it's the scanners wish, so others have to live by it, if he decides to continue what he prefers :)

On the other hand, if the Anony would have cared to leave his name, then he really deserved a better response. So, he had it coming :)


Anonymous said...

wo-wo yo guys- srry 2 get evry1 uptite. jes mnt 2 say all want credit but do it wid a pic-scan of ther own at da end of cbr. u wdnt deface evry pg of yr own comic? even @venkit hd his sign on frnt pg of his scan- dats ok. bt dgtl sign is bad we jes hv a guy dwnld n rmv frm each pg n snd us final- dats all-bt now we dont no who scnnd. othrs hv ther own scan pg @end- srry ddnt mn 2 b nsty- am on mobile n thnks