Friday, May 1, 2009

#140: Mandrake & L'uomo Mascherato Italian Scans

Presenting Italian scans I came across looking for Mandrake. Thanks to Unknown scanners.
The book has 2 Phantom stories and 1 Mandrake Daily. Nice coloring...

Since, I have the Mandrake Daily D010 in English , I am going to post it here as many people may not know Italian.

D010 - Mandrake in America 09-13-1937 to 01-29-1938



Download D010 - Mandrake in America 09-13-1937 to 01-29-1938


Anonymous said...

Hi Balaji, everyone.

Can an Italian reader confirm what I saw in the back cover:

“Sold only with Repubblica” and the following line ?

I do not really read Italian, but it seems obvious to me that this is a coupling offer: buy the newspaper (La Repubblica) and get the Comic Book for 4.90€ (so €5.80 every days excepted Friday: €6.10 - probably coupled with a TV program) ?

Is this correct ?

BTW: Panini Comics prints Marvels in France (in the whole Europe ?) since the mid 1990s (1995 I think).

Volume 15 seems to come from the year 2003.

Of course, a complete translation of the text comments (pages 7 thru 12) would be … fantastic!

Page 12: Topolino is the Italian name for Mickey ?


PS: of course, one can make the translation using Systran,® (free with MacOS X), but this would tage weeks to make it (a word-by-word translation, then a global re-write to get something really readable).

Good exercise for children who learn english (or italian), but not really for an oldster like me (55 yo).


Anonymous said...

2003 ?

I was living at Cannes (70Km from the Italian border) at that time!

Unfortunately, I was not aware of that!


Anonymous said...

I forgot tosay:

First! I was the First! Do you know what? I was the first to comment!!!

Back to serious matters…

The Mandrake story (Mandraka va in America - Mandrake in America -) and The Phantom (L’Uomo Mascerato) Il prigioniero del’Himalaya (The prisoneer of the Himalaya) were released in 1970 by Nostalgia Press (hard cover) — if my memory is correct.

To know what Mandrake stories have been published in France, go to:


Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Thanks so much for the observation and the comments, I am glad to see them. I do hope somebody who knows Italian can do the translation of pages 7-12.Maybe Ciro Balzano could if he visits this blog, I know he does sometimes. I will email him, let's see.
Thanks for the bd link.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

BTW, Emile You get the First position. It is so much fun trying to get the first spot.

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