Friday, May 15, 2009

#147: S094 The Castaway From 26 Jan 1964 To 9 Aug 1964

Thanks to Myron & Rick Hy for sharing this story. Missing one sunday, not a problem. Very good story indeed. Enjoy

Download S094 The Castaway From 26 Jan 1964 To 9 Aug 1964.cbr


Rajiv said...

This is a very interesting story -- don't think I had read it before this. A download link for the English version will be much appreciated ...

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Download link is now available.

Anonymous said...


that story was published in colors in France in

"Le journal de Mickey" issues 1097 (1973-05-27) to
1111 (1973-09-30) under the title: "Le banni". If someone have the scans of this French reprint, and want to share it, welcome!!!

Cette histoire a été publiée dans Le journal de Mickey sous le titre de "Le banni" (numéros 1097 [1973-05-27] au 1111 [1973-09-30]); en couleurs!!!
Si quelqu’un l'a en scans et désire le partager… Bienvenue.


Colonel Worobu said...

Hi Bala,

The download link does not seem to work.


Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Emile, Thanks for the info. I will post it if someone makes it available.
Col.W: Mediafire does maintenance so sometimes you will have downtime, wait and try again.