Friday, May 8, 2009

#143: S150 The Cloud Men From 27 Feb 1983 To 4 Sep 1983

Another interesting sunday story, Mandrke with the anti gravity belt and the cloud men, what a concept. Enjoy. Scans provided by the pioneer Ajay Mishra. Thanks a lot.

Download S150 The Cloud Men From 27 Feb 1983 To 4 Sep 1983.cbr


JP said...

First to comment. great comic. Thanks Balaji and Ajay.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

JP, You are welcome, yes you are the first this time, congrats.

Deb said...

Thanks, MTM & Ajay.

Brings back old memories. Read this one a long time back.

Stories like these make Mandrake unique. Wouldn't you agree?

Traka said...

Hi, Balaji,
If you are interested in this, here's the link of a book with the Mandrake sundays 02 and 03 in color, published in Spain.

Also from the same editorial, the character Drago (by Hogarth, author of Tarzan), a real gem. Enjoy

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

@TRAKA - the rapidshare link does not work. seems to be missing some portions.

@Balaji - was this scan from an IJC?

Traka said...

Both links work fine, I just test it

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Deb, You are welcome. Correctly said.
Traka, Thanks for the links. Will post them here soon. More additions to my ever growing collection of strips.
Venkit, This was from Indrajal I believe Vol 22 No 2.

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Phantom And Mandrake Fan: Thanks friends for such a nice gift. :)))

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

@Traka - The link does not look like a complete one. It gives me an error.

The second one
works fine.

Traka said...

The link is:
and works perfectly

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

@Traka - I copied and pasted your link and still get an error. Anyway not a big deal.

Traka said...

I do not understand anything. Whenever I enter the link, it appears in rapidshare and I can download without any problem. Are you sure you do everything the right way?