Saturday, June 23, 2012

#197 - I have a dream ...

In my last post, I had a story from Falk-Fredericks combo about Narda's dream. How about a post about Mandrake's dream? I can take a bet about one thing - Mandrake is never going to dream of. NARDA!! When he has her alive and well beside him, why would he have to dream of her. So what does he dream? And, in the end,  was it all really a dream?

Thanks to Paulo for extracting the strips and putting them out as a .cbr file for us to enjoy.

There are a few more strips, which we will soon be fixing and posting for all to enjoy. Some of them might come after Balaji comes out with his 200th post. I will be hanging up my gloves after 2 more posts and wait for Balaji to do his 200th post.

Almost all of the stories that succeed this one are available in Lothar's blog.

Read and Enjoy,



praveen said...

Thanks a lot,Venkit and Paulo for another nice Mandrake.

PBC said...

Interesting story.
Thanks Venkit & Paulo!