Thursday, October 18, 2007

#058: Indrajal Comic No.190 Hypnotic Beast

Posting Indrajals per number of votes.....
Hope you enjoyed the previous story or it did not matter because it was not an Indrajal?
Express yourself in the comments.
Since I am a Phantom Phan as well, I want to create a section that will include links to download Dailies and Sundays strips. Should I do that here or have a new blog?
This comic is courtesy of Misraji. I brightened the images and reduced their size a little to help out low bandwidth users.

Download Comic Here


Chandan said...

Many thanks,dear Sir.I knew I won't be disappointed here and its there for everyone to see.
When you talk tennis,its R.FEDERER
When you talk cricket,its S.TENDULKAR
And when we talk about Phantom/Mandrake its.......INDRAJAL COMICS.
The very word sends millions of little tingling darts into your body thus setting your mind into another world as if in a trance.
But having said that,dear MTM,the strips you provide is no mean achievement.I appreciate it and will always want you to post them and as Rahul says,can be easily published if IC's start anew.
Just post these remaining IC's in due course and then we shift to some strips again and then another poll for IC's.............well I think Iam forgetting one thing---its your blog,not mine.
Anyway,great,great effort,dear MTM.

deratt1 said...

I certainly wouldn't mind some Phantom links being posted on your site.I am a lifelong comic reader in my 50's, and until a few years ago I had never heard of Indrajal Comics, so any you provide are a special treat for me. The newspaper stories are also a favorite.Many thanks for all your hard work!

Indrajal Comics Club said...

great scans,, thasnks to ajay and u... please see then offline message i sent u..

Indrajal Comics Club said...

archives and labels both are different things,,, u can see only month's archive while if u enable labels, u can catagerise ur content, ie.. if somebody wants only indrajal from ur blg, there he needs not to search every months archive,,,

go to templates> add page element> add labels>

Indrajal Fanclub said...

Thanks for the comic, it was a awaited ic since you were posting strips!

As for the phantom, pl. do it here, so we can have them both.

keep up the good job!

sAg_NiK said...

Hope you enjoyed the previous story or it did not matter because it was not an Indrajal?

Bala,don know others,BUT as aTRUE Mandrake/Phantom fan, I always enjoy ALL Falk-Creations,,,,'cos we shudn't forget that those INDRAJAL published r also FROM Sundaily Strips! :-)

About phantom strips,plse plse plse Create ANOTHER BLOG....I asking it 'cos while we've so many phantom blogs.....THERE'S ONLY THIS PLACE 4 solely MANDARKE!!!!.....don spoil it!
bala,Plse consider this reqst!....It's frm an ardent fan (& sure there r many like me!) of this Legendary magiciaN :-)

Bye n Subho Durga Puja/Nav Ratri to all :-))

Indrajal Comics Club said...

dont loose ur heart bala, what sagnik said is absolutely true,, all phantom and mandrake comics are based on strips only, even i dont get many comments.... ur very lucky that sagnik always comments on ur blog.. ;)_

continue with the fantastic work u have been doing for the last 3 months

The Phantom Head said...

Having another blog for phantom dailies/sundays seems better idea. Please Keep this place for mandrake only. So far you have been the greatest source for Mandrake dailies and sundays while indrajals are appearing on a number of blogs. So keep them comings in between the strips only and not the vice versa.

The Phantom Head said...

and thanks a lot for the previous strip. it was good as ever while indrajals find more emotional attachment.

Grouchy Smurf said...

I too enjoy any form of Mandrake or Phantom, be it a comic or daily/sunday.
As for the phantom dailies I am eagerly awaiting you to post it. A new blog maybe better for you to organise the material better.
many thanks

Rahul said...

Dear MTM,you are really going places.I could make out your hectic stand in delivering strips/comics in quick time.Great.Keep it up.
About Phantom strips,you are the best judge.I have even thought of a blog-name---PHANTOM THE GHOST WHO WALKS.
Can't wait to see it and the strip following.I will request just one,if you have it.sunday strip no.39.Its like counting chicken before eggs are hatched.But I have full faith and confidence you can do it.
Waiting more eagerly than ever.
Great effort.

Colonel Worobu said...

How about a Flash Gordon blog?


Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@Chandan:You are welcome.Very true I feel the same way abt Indrajal. Will do.
@deratt1:Will let you know. welcome to the blog. Thanks. Keep visiting & commenting.
@ICC: thanks, got it, well put
@IFC: Thanks, welcome
@ICC:will try to put the labels
@Sagnik: Well said and you are correct. Thanks and keep commenting.
@ICC: thanks, welcome back and I liked your recent post abt Vineeth
@TPH: thanks for the appreciation and agree with you, will post all dailies and sundays I can find and post IJCs in between.
@GS:Will do, saw your spreadsheet, been busy, wanted to see blog name posted as a column for each comic so that way we avoid duplication. Maybe 5 people can take the task and research the information and put that in the spreadsheet.
@Rahul: Thanks for the support. It is in the works and will let you all know soon. I don't know if I can keep both blogs updated at the same time, its too much work. Will try and see

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

How does this sound?

Grouchy Smurf said...

Sounds great!

Can't wait.


The Phantom Head said...

Dear Bala. As I announced earlier on my blog, I am already on course of preparing the datasheet for the indrajals posted so far on all well known blogs. This record will not only show the title with the publishing blog name but also the date of posting and the language in separate columns. The task is proving much more time consuming than I initially thought it to be. I am 25% done and hopefully will be able to present it to you and all other comblog authors in a week's time.

Chandan said...

You have won me ,MTM.Will visit regularly.You are going to receive a lot of demands from me.Iam waiting for THE NIGHTMARES and THE GIANT TERMITES.Very curious to know their mystery.
Also waiting for your 1st Phantom strip.All the very best.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@Chandan:If I have the scans I can meet your requests surely....