Saturday, October 6, 2007

Ad Pages & Sparkling Wit story for Indrajal No.330 The Blackmailer

Here are the Ad Pages and the Sparkling Wit story of No.330 The BlackMailer comic. Compliments of Comic Guy. Thanks.
(I'm sure Col. Worubu will be excited to see these)

Have uploaded files to mediafire after renaming them suitably.
For those of you who have already downloaded the main comic and wish to integrate these pages to the main comic (so that you will have one file), do the following:

Download the ad pages and rename file to .rar.
Open with Winzip/Winrar to extract the images.
Save images to a new folder. Do the same for the main comic.
Combine the images and create a new winrar/winzip file and
rename the file to .CBR or .CBZ and use a comic reader to read these newly added pages. Now I have given away the secret of creating .CBR & .CBZ files to fans that has not been documented in any blog I know so far.

Download Ad Pages Here


Colonel Worobu said...

Cool! Thanks CW & Bala!


Anonymous said...

R u interested in a link exchange mate?

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@Col W: You are welcome
@Anon: What is that and why would I do that. Also, please reveal who you are so that we can address you better.