Wednesday, October 24, 2007

#061: Indrajal Comic No. 153 The Master of Disguise

Here Comes the Master of Disguise The Clay Camel an intriguing story.
Enjoy. Thanks to Ajay Mishra again. If some one has this physical comic I would appreciate better quality scans starting from page 5. This is still readable. First time I read too.

Download Comic Here


Krishna said...

Thanks for such a classic blog. The clay camel is a wonderful story. The scans are still pretty readable no probs- krishna

Indrajal Comics Club said...

bala: i have a physical copy, i will send u the scan asap

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@Krishna: You are welcome. It really is.
@ICC:Thanks a bunch. I am glad you have the physical copy.

Rahul said...

Nice comic,MTM.Keep up the good work.

sAg_NiK said...

Bala,this is the ONLY Indrajal where this amazing Master Of Disguise was featured :-)

Do u've OTHER C.C. strips? ...if yes,can publish here?

P.S.- For those late entries,Clay camel was appeared in the VERY 4th Daily(D04) of Mandrake,in 1935 n LAST was in 2000 (D235)!!

So, u can say,he's quite a tough-n-long-lasting enemy of our Mandrake! :-o)

The Phantom Head said...

#sagnik: Nice info. Clay camel secured a place in the "rogue gallery" of mandrake. That explains his ability and level of threat.

Colonel Worobu said...

Nice! Coming immediately after TPH posted this in Hindi as "koonkar BanuPriya" I am glad to have this in English also!

Grouchy Smurf said...

great comic! The Mandrake strips had this recurring villan theme which the Phantom didnt have.
Some non-Falkian storied do have it but. If I am not wrong Falk didnt repeat his villans for the Phantom except gangs like the eastern dark and the vultures.

Chandan said...

Went thru articles on your blog.
U have on leave for 3 days.Come back.Bye.

Indrajal Comics Club said...

col: hahahahhahahahaahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

kunkaar banupriya!!!!!! whats this?????? bhanupriya was a sexy babe in tamil films,,,,

are u a firang? i always wonder

sAg_NiK said...

bhanupriya was a sexy babe in tamil films,,,,

Hey! do ya watch Tamil (OR better to say South Indian) films??
I'd noticed that,while most of the babes/ladies (frm south) r very hot-n-beautiful and always have an important place in Bolly.....but,the guys/men!! logko dekh kar more-villan-less-hero lagta hai....haahahahahahahah

Yeah!sahi andaza lagaya tumne!jo Bahurupiya ko banupiya likhte hai woh firang-hi hae!! ;-))

Colonel Worobu said...

Finally someone noticed that I misspelled bahurupiya as banupriya :o)

Colonel Worobu said...

I mispelled deliberately to see if anyone actually reads my comments :o)

Colonel Worobu said...

What's a firang? I do know that the ferengi are an alien race in Star Trek.

Anonymous said...

Firang = one parent is Indian and other from some Eng/Aus living in India!

The pdt obviously a mixture of two drastically diffrent cultures and as aresult is a bejanma!!

Colonel Worobu said...

What's a "benganma"? Something like bengan bartha?