Saturday, October 20, 2007

#059: Indrajal Comic No.253 The Nightmares

HAPPY NAVARATHRI DASARA TO ALL!!! (Triumph of Good vs Evil) .
Enjoy this one as well as the Sunday Strip S001 of the Phantom, the Ghost Who Walks in a new blog starting today at
Forgot to mention: Thanks to Mishraji for the scans...

Download Comic Here


Chandan said...

Thanks a million,Sir.You have already fulfilled one of my requests.great going,and to match,the frequency.
I think,MASTER OF DISGUISE will be posted on TPH,TRECHEROUS GANG has already been posted on TCP.
Anyway,please substitute them with some other fascinating comics like
ie if you have these.
If you can't, no regrets and nothing to lose,because you have already provided us with plenty in quick time.Great,Great,effort.

Anonymous said...


Hi Bala,
I think you should have a maximum of 4 or 5 labels. The labels should be used to categorize all posts. I suggest labels like Classic Dailies, Classic Sundays, Modern Dailies, Indrajal Comics, Foreign Language/French Comics etc.
Those who want to look at all your posts can easily browse the blog archive and find what they want. Those who are looking for something in particular can use the labels to quickly find what they want.


Krishna said...

I am waiting for the giant termites! Man I almost forgot that this existed from my childhood memories! There is one I am looking for- Mandrake fighting a giant robot which makes mini robots and ultimately a child uses a sling shot and cracks the head- forgot the name of this.

Krishna said...

Can I post this link leading to another comics blog? This has some fantastic comics- Gold key phantom, Korak, beetle bailey and more!
here is the link

Mozz said...

Excellent comics... never read this earlier...Great effort..
Please keep posting more....

Rahul said...

Nice to hear from you,Krishna.
Keep your comments coming regularly.TGT is also my favourite.
In fact MTM is doing a great service by providing these IC's only because of viewer's choice.

Indrajal Fanclub said...

THanks for the post!

is it possible to provide the download link with the posting?

Pl. post the termites issue! can't wait for it.

Rahul said...

Hey,MTM.Where are you?No comments.
Waiting for Giant Termites.By the way is it the same as The Scary Wonderland published later on?

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@Chandan:You are welcome, sure will see what I have and post.
@Lucky: Thanks for the suggestion, have started making changes
@Krishna: Thanks for the link. Giant Termites is coming soon. The one you are talking about is David and Goliath, will post that as I have that.
@Mozz:Thanks, more coming
@Rahul: Thanks for the support, will check and let u know....
@IFC:Coming soon, download link posted