Monday, October 15, 2007

#055: D249 Blizzard of Crime 01-24-2005 to 06-18-2005 PART 2

Here comes part 2....


Chandan said...

Hi.Nice posts.
But frankly speaking,Iam more interested in IC's.Hope you post poll-comics very soon.
By the way,iam taking nothing away from your nice strips.Its just a matter of choice.i hope you understand.

Anonymous said...

@Chandan - To each, his own preferences. I personally prefer classic daily strips. :) There is something in those old strips which Indrajal Comics cannot recreate.

@Bala - You were planning to hold a poll to find out the most liked daily story. I am looking forward to that.


sAg_NiK said...

Hi Bala,
Thanks very much for this strip (D249)....plse post Original Mandrake strips (irrespective of B/W or colored) with IJCs :-))

Do ya've ANY Original Strip of those IJC u've published/going 2 publish ??

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@Chandan: Thanks, the reason I do not post IJCs only is because the actual dailies and sundays strips had stories that were never published in IJC. Also, this allows my friends ICC, CW , etc to have material to post on their blogs. Will be posting IJC's soon.
@Lucky:True...I will post a poll on the daily story soon after posting the IJC's
@SG: U are welcome. I will post the strips for readers enjoyment
I will look and let you know.

Chandan said...

Thanks mate.I appreciate you for having posted IC's.I was a silent viewer on your blog many a time but started commenting as soon as i discovered my dream on your blog and ultimately decided to be a regular member.Actually you deviated a bit from your original path for viewer's sake .Thanks a million for that.
Dear anon,can you guess how many strips/other comics have been posted so far on this blog as compared to IC's?There will be pretty daylight bet'n the two.So what harm ,if some IC's are posted here and there?In fact I was just mentioning the poll-comics and I'll even respect strips in bet'n.But there has to be a equal percentage.By the way,have you noticed the trend of viewers since IC's began to surface?
Its gone high and soaring and even compelled guys like me to surface here.In fact I feel at home.
Thanks MTM.Please post a Indrajal along with a strip for a change.
Its difficult but you can do it.

Ciro said...

Well, i think: this is a blog on Mandrake, all the comic on Mandrake are good.
With simpaty
Ciro Balzano

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@Chandan: Thanks for the nice comments and for being a regular visitor here. I will post IC's between strips as long as I have the scans that are not already posted on other blogs.
@Ciro: Thanks

Anonymous said...

Cud u pls post a download link for parts 3, 2 and 1 of this strip...thanks!!