Monday, October 1, 2007

#050: Indrajal Comic No.150 Mandrake and the Goldman

UPDATE: The CBR file uploaded for The BlackMailer somehow got corrupted. I have uploaded the file again. Here is the link: for the good file.

Fans, Here it is the 50th Post of the blog (the original story republished as the Gold Hunting Alien later)


Download Comic Here


The Phantom Head said...

Thanks for this older version. The later publication (The Gold Hunting Aliens) is a slightly edited one. I will be putting HINDI version of it on my blog soon. Those interested may check it there.

sAg_NiK said...


Keep this flow intact ....

RAHUL said...

Thank you so much.And thanks to Mr.Mishra also.Wonderful service.
Someday i hope to see all Mandrake indrajals being posted on this wonderful blog.
By the way will you post'TELLTALE DOLL'OR'JUNGLE DRUMS'?Its ok if you don't,you have already given us plenty to cheer about.

sAg_NiK said...

Today I published one Phatom strip by Falk.....his LAST & dhanabad Bala.
Can read here:

P.S.- Also,for those newcomers,can read LAST Mandrake strip there....D231.


Colonel Worobu said...

Thank you Bala! Miss the ads though. Is this a Misraji scan?

The Phantom Head said...

Thank God! col is here. I was worrying about his sudden disappearance like two of his loyal patrolmen (tcp/icc).

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@thePhantomHead:You are welcome. Thanks for the info.That's good you have the Hindi version as well.
@Sag_nik: Thanks, will try
@Rahul:You are welcome. That's a nice thought and I will like to see that happen.I will post both of them in due time.
@Sagnik: Congratulations, thanks for the link to your blog.
@ColW: Welcome back. How was the vacation? This is a Misraji scan, CW has said he will scan the ads for you, will post it if I get them.
@thePhantomHead:Nicely put.
Hopefully CW will not have a disappearing act.

Comic Guy said...

Yeah,nice to find my Col. presence...and i was thinking that he was busy in some mission with secret Commander.
Rightly said TPH:-)

Colonel Worobu said...


Thanks for the affection guys! I am not sure if I deserve it but I sure am touched by the warm welcome I find here always.

Wish Chandu would pop in one of these days just to say hello.

Anonymous said...


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