Saturday, May 1, 2010

#171: S023 Mystery of the Girls with Red Hair From 8 Nov 1942 to 28 Feb 1943

Been a little late in posting some stories...Hope you can bear the wait.

Here is a very rare Sunday story presented by our first South American contributor Carlos from Brazil. Thanks a lot for making this available to all of us. A hearty welcome to you.
Hope we can one day be able to read all the Sundays and Dailies in English.

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Download Strip Here


Juanjo Traka said...

You are again the Mandrake reference in the net.

PBC said...

Thanks Carlos! It's a very rare one.

Thanks Bala ji! Hoping one day we'll get all & we have a blog (this one) for where one can collected major part.

Old Man Mozz said...

looks like an interesting one. Thanks Carlos for your contribution and thanks Balaji for posting them.

Looking forward to the link.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Traka, you are welcome. Am glad to have so many contributors who have made this possible.
Prabhat, you are very welcome. Hoping to get there one day.
Mozz, Yes indeed a very good story, many thanks to Carlos for sharing these. Posted d/l link.

AJAY said...

Dear Bala ! Thanks a lot . Pl keep on posting these rare gems . Thanks to all contributors .

Rafiq Raja said...

Thanks Carlos, for sharing an item from your treasure chest. Credits to Bala for hosting this space as a unique sharing point for all thins Mandrake.

Lothar said...

Not really my treasure chest. I just downloaded this story from the Newspaper Archives. I'm actually downloading many more and uploading them to my site after doing some editing. But its a very slow process as it takes hours and hours to crop, clean and retouch a story. It's gonna take years to upload them all.


Rafiq Raja said...

I can understand the pain which you have to go through for setting up this collection, Carlos. That too when you would have a day job, and you have to keep doing this as part of our passion.

Thanks for all time in sharing these with us. and look forward to more, whenever you get time to work on the same.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Ajay, you are welcome. Will do.
Rafiq, you are very welcome. I always wanted some web site like this where all Mandrake fans can come together and share any strips they may have in their collection. I am very thankful to all the contributors for providing so many scans.
Lothar: A very hearty welcome.Agree very well with you. All of us are very thankful for your hard efforts to get this story. I am thinking in about 5 to 10 years we should have the complete collection. Recently, I began doing the same and found it very time consuming...
Rafiq: Very well said, with a day job and other priorities getting time to do this is a great luxury and one can only appreciate the motivation and patience in trying to get the story completed.

Balakrishna said...

I just found this site. I am Dr.Balkrishna Varma from Kerala, 53 years old. Have been collecting Mandrake and Phantom since I was 10 years old. Have tons and tons of them. All bound and labelled. Am one of Lee Falk's old fans. But when I started reading and collecting Mandrake, Fredericks had started the illustration for the daily and weekly strip. Still have some very old Indrajal Comics from the late SIXTIES, with other illustrators doing both the Phantom and Mandrake. Nice to see this site. Keep it up. Kudos. Will be a regular visitor. Even at 53, am a die-hard Comics fan.