Thursday, February 13, 2014

#278 - Happy Valentine's Day & Enjoy the Mandrake Narda Wedding Sunday strip

We in India grew up on a staple diet of Mandrake, Narda and Lothar living in Xanadu. We never had any idea about how Mandrake and Narda met each other. Or even that Lothar started off being Mandrake's servant.

So where and how did Mandrake meet Narda? Balaji and I had posted that story in this blog nearly 3 years ago. It all happens in the second Mandrake daily strip - D002_TheHawk(MandrakeMeetsNarda)_(11-26-34_to_02-23-35). Here are the 2 panels where Mandrake and Narda meet and introduce themselves.

But in the realm of the Sunday strips, we do not see Narda till we reach the 28th Sunday strip - S028_TheSantaClausPirate_(09-03-1944_to_12-03-1944).

It is not until D0225 that we learn that Mandrake and Narda take the decision to marry. If you see that, it is much later than Mr. Falk's other character Kit Walker decided to marry Diana. In D0225, it is actually Theron (Mandrake's father) who brings up the subject of marriage. See panel below:

There were 3 weddings for Mandrake and Narda. D0225 covers the wedding in Cockaigne, Narda's home country. D0226 covers the wedding in the College of Magic, in front of Theron. D0225 and D0226 were posted by Balaji and Paulo in this blog on another Valentine's Day.

After an adventure called "Jake and Co" in D0227, Mandrake and Narda have their third wedding at Xanadu in D0228. D0228 can be downloaded from Lothar's wonderful Mandrake blog.

In 1997-1998, came a Sunday story - S176_MandrakeMarriesNarda).

Download the Sunday story from here



BTW, we are just 11 strips away from a complete set of Mandrake Sunday strips, albeit in varied forms and sizes.


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Thanks , Venkit for sharing this story , will try to make in book format , will take print out and read it

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The first time I read that story, I was astonished a little: but where thus did Derek pass? Hold, this history is different that already published a long time ago. Now, it is of the comic strip…


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