Sunday, March 29, 2015

#295 - Rest In Peace Mr. Harold "Fred" Fredericks Jr. (August 9, 1929 - March 10, 2015)

Fred Fredricks passed away on March 10, 2015. I was rather surprised to see a lack of real flow of sadness on his demise or articles of appreciation of his longevity at continuing a comic strip. More than 55 years of drawing Mandrake!! That is older than the age of many of his fans!

I am presenting here a Sunday strip conceived and drawn by this artist about 15 years ago. The last panel in the story is a true "AWWWW" moment. All romantic and mushy!

As usual, I have to thank Magnus Magnusson for the color strips.

Download the story here and enjoy.



Ranjan Gangopadhyay said...

thanks venkit & Magnus Magnusson for these wonderful strip

deathphoneix575 said...

goodbye fred, thanks for the memories

s shontu said...

Thanks to both of you, Venkit & Magnus Magnusson for sharing.

HojO said...

Fred will always remember as a great artist,even bit better than Barry if we consider how much diversity was observed in his art(thanks to certain Lee Falk for creating all those sci-fi/fantasy elements in Mandrake adventures!)...

His drawing @Mandrake strips covered for more than 48 years(1965-2013) proves itself his achievement!

Already have mentioned in a MTM grp in FB,but again....RIP Fred!