Saturday, April 25, 2015

#297 - A classic Mandrake daily strip "The Swami" provided by Mapanare

I am presenting a strip called "The Swami" which ran from 1950-12-04 thru 1951-03-17. In this story we come to hear about and then see Theron in the second thru fourth panel of the first ever strip of this story.

So it led to a trivia question - Which story did Theron make an appearance either live or in a photograph?  I present below,  what the greatest authority on Mandrake thinks is the first ever drawing of Theron by Phil Davis.

In this story, (The Swami) we come across a disciple of Theron who abuses the powers acquired for personal gain and Mandrake is directed by Theron to put an end to it. Now where have we heard and read this before or after?

Well, this story was provided by Mapanare. This story also contains an excellent cover page created by him.

Download the story from here and shower your thanks on Mapanare.




Ranjan Gangopadhyay said...

thanks venkit for this nice Mandrake

and the IJC in
Indrajal Online
thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot a have a nice day

TW H said...

No thanks to Mapanare, tried to download and follow the "here" link, takes me to File Factory, can't just download the comic but have to install some garbage account that adds advertisements to my web browsers, NO THANKS Mapanare, peddle your garbage somewhere else. Sorry to say I liked this site. Other links here are simple and without installations of crap.

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

I do not usually respond to idiots, but the post by TWH deserves one. Mapanare runs a decent blog and I work with him to use my strips and his strips and editing skillset to provide anyone interested in Comics with daily and Sunday strips in English in this blog.

Anyone who has been to file-sharing services knows that they also undergo maintenance and or go down occasionally due to no fault of the uploaders. Sane people wait for a while and then try downloading again. If they are still unable to download, they would then bring it to the notice of the uploader in a civil manner about the fault with the link. Insane people would do what TW H did above.
Uploading comics, like I mentioned to another idiot (who goes by name of the most hated invader of India) a while ago, is not my day job. I cannot and will not keep testing whether the links are still alive after a while. Most file-hosting services kill the links after a period of no activity. It is not my job to ensure that the links are still alive.