Saturday, December 10, 2016

#309 - Reprint of D231 The Secret Mission!

Emile has sent us the strips for D278, which is a reprint of D231, which originally ran from February 15, 1999 thru July 03, 1999.

Download the story from Emile's original link here.

Some interesting notes from Emile :

"While I was reading the story, my feeling was that the script was done in many parts. I read it once more and found 4 different parts. Probably because of Lee Falk's death earlier that year (less than 2 months before the start of the story). I can only think that Lee wrote the story start and Fred had to continue it. So he include a recap of an old Narda story, then come back to the original script and finished the story.

Of course, this is just an idea that come to my mind while I was reading this story. No inside knowledge.

The Narda’s adventure retold here comes from a Sunday Strip story. Read below.

Here are data about the story:

Mandrake the Magician
The Secret Mission
Script and Artwork:    Fred Fredericks
Reprints:    2016-07-25 to 2016-12-10
Runs    20 weeks (120 strips)

Original Data:
Kind:    Daily Strips
Story    231
Title:    The Secret Mission
Script and Artwork:    Fred Fredericks
Start:    1999-02-15
End:    2999-07-03
Runs    20 weeks (120 strips)

Shooting Script (my attempt to understand the script):
a. Introduction: enter the “8”    2016-07-25 to 2016-08-27
b. Narda recalls the past    2016-08-29 to 2016-10-15
c. Back to the Secret Mission    2016-10-17 to 2016-11-12
d. Rescuing Mandrake and friends    2016-11-14 to 2016-12-10

The recalled story comes from:

Kind:    Sunday Strips
Story    41
Title:    The Raft People
Script:    Lee Falk
Artwork:    Phil Davis
Start:    1948-11-21
End:    1949-01-23
Runs    10 weeks/strips




Ranjan Gangopadhyay said...

thanks a lot for the reprint
and also for the nice info on strip

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