Saturday, June 30, 2007

#002: Daily D016 - Visitors From Space 12-05-1938 to 02-04-1939

Since I do not have scans published in Magic comics issue #002 I am presenting the Daily scans I have obtained from friends and other fans.
The Daily D016 titled Visitors From Space 12-05-1938 to 02-04-1939 has the full story we have been reading so far. Here are the scans:

Download Link for the strip


Indrajal Comics Club said...

great work dude, keep them coming!!!!

sAg.NiK said...

Hi Bala, thnx 4 the full comic... it's nice......but, yeah the colored comics r more preferable as published in Magic comic

Do 'Henry' comics published since '39!!!! never knew abt that..... can u let us available some henry strips as well??

keep this pace
bye mate

ranjit said...

awesome comic put up first...quite doesn't have the same charm as the colored ones though ...nevertheless enjoyed thing i noticed the file size whn i download as soft copy is very heavy..i guess u could help with a bit resizing next time...anyway keep the good effort going strong...cheers

Anonymous said...

good shot!
Ciro Balzano

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@ICC: Thanks
@Sagnik: True, colored comics are nice, but since I did not have them, I will provide fans with what is currently available.
I like your Henry comics Idea, will give it a try.
@Ranjit: Agreed, but the scans from 1939 up until 1945 I think were all in Black & White. Good to hear that fans are liking this blog so far.
To reduce the size of the cbr, if I resize the scans, quality will go down. Will try to provide reduced size for individual pics thro the blog, but for download I will keep the original size. Thanks for visiting again
@Ciro: Thanks