Friday, November 9, 2007

#066: Mandrake The Magician #3 KING Features Syndicate


Been Extremely busy at work and at home lately... No time to post any comics. I was also reading some stuff at CW and this whole issue of commenting has taken over the fun in reading Indrajals. I hope and expect many of you to at least say Thank You for being able to acknowledge the efforts that goes into posting a comic. I know a few who do not like to comment publicly but an email can suffice.

Regaring the download process, I do not think a password protected file will ensure comments from readers for long. People can always get it from others. Take for example, the Mandrake torrents, I would not have read these classic strips but for the comic torrents people around the world provided me access to. Since, I got these scans from a free torrent, I will make them available for folks who are currently reading and for those coming in the future... That was the intent for my blog.

The very day the comic blogs were created the comic scans were meant to be shared for having fun. If not, we should all become a dedicated private group and distribute scans to only a few privileged ones. That would mean new folks would not know existence of these scans.

I acknowledge the hardwork of scanning each and every page of a comic with no moral gain for doing that other than to preserve it being available for future generations and for any newcomers (or for oldtimers) to savor these timeless classics when time permits. I have scanned a few myself such as Pioneer Mandrake Sundays volume 3 which I got from an interlibrary loan with much difficulty. I am always in the lookout for other Mandrake comic publications. I do not know how Ajay Mishra was able to deicate so many hours for Indrajals. Hats off to him for scanning and Vineeth Abraham for providing the comics.

What I suggest is readers those who can spare time for downloading & reading, should try to contribute in some fashion or form for producing more scans of these stories. I mean, if you have access to a scanner or know someone who has and can manage to get some comics, go ahead and scan them in high quality. Does not have to be Indrajals. Any thing that interests you and think that others might enjoy reading such as news paper Mandrake Strips from collectors, comics like Amar Chitra Katha and so on....

Too much talking from me for now....Let's enjoy a King Comic

Download Comic Here


ComiCrazy said...


Appreciate your consideration for the comic lovers for not forcing them for comments in return of your dedication. Most comic blog visitors like me are really grateful to you guys like TCP, CW, TPH, ICC and others for bringing back our childhood memories. Every visit to your sites, every comic we read, fills our heart with thankfulness for your hardwork. And not posting comments doesn't mean, we are ungrateful.... we simply can't race with you guys at the speed at which you all come up with more and more... and unfortunately leave us with no time even to say a THANK YOU... in this busy world... that's the speed of your dedication. Never-the-less, we should find time to thank you once in a while, no question about it.

But it shows more of your magnanimity for not forcing us for comments for the great job you are doing. Passwords will only discourage us.

Keep up the good work

Grouchy Smurf said...

Dear MTM, I agree with you. Password protection will not help in the long run. However a less than 6% ratio of comments to downloads for CW is somthing to really think about.

Comiccrazy: What you have said is silly:
" we simply can't race with you guys at the speed at which you all come up with more and more... and unfortunately leave us with no time even to say a THANK YOU... in this busy world.."

People find to visit these blogs and download but cant find the time to say two words to the blog owner!

Sure passwords wont help but people like me who cannot scan and post these gems must find a way to show our appreciation to these authors.
Leaving a comment is the least we can do. Sharing thier burden of posting comics is another.
Scout out in old book stores for IJCs or other comics and either post them in your own blog or give it to the authors.

The takers must also give once in a while. Unless and until they do that they cannot emphathise with CW, ICC, MTM. TPH and maybe even TCP (maybe this is why he left!?).

Grouchy Smurf said...

The most irritable thing is everytime the blog owner even mentions 'password/restriction' out come a few unknown people with lengthy comments and explanations with why they can continue downloading without comments! If I a mere visitor feel so, how do you think the authors who have spent hours on this activity would feel.

Krishna said...

This comic is one of the greatest oldies of Mandrake. Thanks a lot for this post. Keep up the good work!

comicrazy said...

grouchy smurf:

I totally agree with you. I was only emphasising the fact the comic lovers are never ungrateful to these lovely bloggers, though most of them don't comment for various reasons, though not intentionally. I for myself don't just read the comics, I try to find time to read and appreciate the comments as well, which are real gems at times. And I have emphasised: "Never-the-less, we should find time to thank you once in a while, no question about it."

...and sorry about the lengthty comments from this unknown - if it hurts.

Chandan said...

Hi MTM,i appreciate ur gesture regarding passwords.But i guess that's the only way to put facts into the minds of many.
Iam sure CW,TPH are just trying out this in order to ascertain their value,whether people really do appreciate their work.Iam with them.
MTM,i guess you are a little hesitant but anyway its each one's
liking and i appreciate it.
By the way,iam a little disappointed because this story was posted by TCP as a indrajal.Nevertheless,I will enjoy it.i want to know how many issues were published of Mandrake by King comics .Are they still existing?

Colonel Worobu said...

Hi Bala!

Thanks for the King Issue! Nice Deepavali present for us.


Colonel Worobu said...


I just sent you an email regarding your scan request.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@ComiCrazy: Thanks for commenting.
I am so happy to hear such appreciation.
@GS: You are absolutely very very correct. People have time to download but unwilling to comment as little as possible is disheartening. I encourage people to strongly go out and acquire & scan the comics we all love to read and have fun. In this day, where video games are keeping people away from reading stuff, the availability of comics online encourages people to read more.
@GS:Anytime, password restriction comes up there are people coming up with comments, always a coincidence...until the attitude changes
@Krishna: Cool, glad you liked it. There are more coming
@comicrazy:Glad to have you back and apologies accepted, friend. Let's all enjoy these comics
@Chandan: Thanks dear friend. Glad you liked it. The only reason, I did not like password protection was that it will not be enough to force comments from readers. As, I said there has to be a change in attitude regarding comments. There are 10 issues of Mandrake published by King. I have all the ten issues scanned and will appear over time here in this blog. Indrajals were created from King features, so I thought it best to post them here.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@Col.W: You are welcome. Glad you liked it. Got your email, will get back to U.

Rajpal said...

Excellent work, My friend! These childhood memories are as good as treasure!