Thursday, November 15, 2007

#068: Indrajal Comic No.155 The Flying Saucers

UPDATE: New Phantom Comic Strip posted....
#004:S006 The Return of the Sky Band 3-2-41 to 2-22-42

Here is an Indrajal requested by Chandan. Thanks to Vineeth Abraham & Ajay Mishra for scanning this classic.

Download Comic Here


HojO said...

Nice comic! :-)
Lil' Info:It was Re-published in Vol.22 No.37 (1985)

Post some Mandrake-Sunday-strips if u can!

Krishna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Thanks,MTM.A great comic.
And please 2 more IC's and then dailies.Hope its fine.
I tend to disagree with u,Dara.
I think it was 22/39.

Krishna said...

This is a great classic!kudos to MTM for this comic!

pattu said...

Thanks for the Comic. Lothar is speaking good english but is still wearing his jungle clothes. Must be a period in which he is making a transition to the modern lothar who I think is one of most respectable 'superheroes' with no special powers

Indrajal Comics Club said...

thanks for posting it...

looking forword to see sundays from u..

HojO said...

Arre ol' man Chandan,don dare to challenge Dara aka Dr.SG! ;-)

I said correct,it was repeated as Vol.22 No.37 as Weird Bank Robery .....

Take care

comic60 said...

thanx for the comic

Anonymous said...

@Bala- How about a poll for dailies now?


Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

SG:Thanks SG, will post soon
Chandan:Coming soon
Krishna: You are welcome.
GS: I agree, nice one.
ICC: Coming soon.
Comic60: You are welcome.
Lucky: Will try to do it sometime

Anonymous said...

Nce comics

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making this and other comics available for me to download. Mandrake, Phantom, Bahadur, Asterix and Tintin are my favorite comics. I am so glad I can read and revisit all these again.

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