Thursday, February 14, 2013

#200 - Happy Valentine's Day!!! Mandrake Weds Narda The Complete Wedding Dailies!

A very Happy Valentine's Day to you all and if you are reading this after the day's passed, I wish you all a great 2013 ahead!

Would like to celebrate today by providing you three dailies that cover the complete Mandrake and Narda wedding in one stretch. These 3 dailies were compiled together with the valuable help of Venkitachalam Subramanian, Paulo and Lothar who have been gracious to share their collections.

Many thanks to Lothar for being so dedicated in his efforts to bring us all so many Mandrake stories. That is indeed a great dream of mine to one day have all the dailies and sundays stories in my collection. I think it is just a matter of time. Given Lothar's dedication, it is going to be achieved.

I have been away for a long time and have a lot of catching up to do. While I have been away, our dearest friend Venkit has been diligently trying to collect as many strips of Mandrake he can and is keeping this blog alive for all Mandrake fans across the world. That is an incredible effort and I really don't know how to thank him for all the strips he is able to collect and share with us.

We don't come across such dedicated fans and it is a privilege for me to know him. Thanks a lot again.

Here are the Dailies:

225Mandrake's Wedding at Cockaigne27 Jan 19972 Aug 199727
226Mandrake's Wedding at the College of Magic4 Aug 199724 Jan 199825

228Mandrake's Wedding at Xanadu6 Apr 199812 Sep 199823

Enjoy the Mega Post!
Had been waiting for a great occasion to post all these together as one post so readers could access them in one page. - D228


HojO said...
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HojO said...

@Bala: Congrats for the #200 post!:)
If you can remember,we have posted this wedding-saga years ago,comic.crazee compiled those in book format too,BUT then the strips were incomplete!Nice to hear that finally we have the complete strips!:))

phantomirfan said...

Nice to have this on an appropriate occasion. Thanks!

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

February seems to be an influential month for you. You took a sabbathical after posting D003 on Feb 24,2011. Made a come-back on February 21, 2012. Your second come-back is now again a February.

Thanks for your kind words about me. It is always good to see you back in action, as one of the first blogs devoted to sharing Mandrake comics and strips.

A lot of us got a taste of non-IJC Mandrake stories from your blog, followed efficiently by Lothar's blog. Magnus is yet another name one cannot forget in the annals of sharing Mandrake strips. I am just like my President Obama, leading from behind! (Insert your dirty joke here)

I cannot conclude without mentioning Paulo. He is one of those unknown fans who does something big without taking any credit. He is solely responsible for our getting all the daily strips from 204 thru 226 completely, which includes 2 of the 3 Mandrake Wedding strips posted here. I had the privilege of posting almost all of the strips shared by him, in this blog. There are a few more strips and they will be posted here, once we get over the euphoria of this 200th post.

I look forward to Balaji coming out with more posts in a more frequent basis. I am also looking forward to Lothar's 200th post.

It has been a pleasure sharing the oxygen with the likes of these selfless people. And glad to be of help in their selfless work.

Anonymous said...

Awesome work -- thanks for coming back with this after such a long absence.-- an American Mandrake fan.

praveen said...

Welcome back and thanks a lot for posting this wonderful treat.

AJAY said...

Welcome back ! Bala , hope you will continue with blogging & keep on posting Mandrake strips

Anonymous said...
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deathphoneix said...

welcome back bala, good to have you back. i too wish to see the day when i can read and own every mandrake story like i have the phantom. what is lothar blog, so i may enjoy his post as well

marquesp said...


It was taking so long to the 200th post that I missed it completely, ah ah ah!!

My congrats to Balaji for the dedication and of course not forgetting Venkit. They were unvaluable in getting those strips within the timeframe we had to get them. We had ourselves quite a pdf downloading marathon. It was wonderful to share those moments with such dedicated fans.
Thanks for the kind words and like Venkit said, there are still some more to come.

It has been an honor to stand in your company, Bala and Venkit.

Hope we can do it on a future time.

Best Wishes to all,


Anonymous said...
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PBC said...

Congratulations for 200th post! We were waiting for this post since long.

party magician said...

Finally, the moment has arrived! Congrats! Mandrake and the team. :)