Saturday, February 23, 2013

#201 - The Gift from 8 - Mandrake Daily strip no 203

I have waxed eloquently, so many times about Paulo's gifts of so many Mandrake strips for our enjoyment. The whole saga started with this particular daily strip. Unfortunately, we could not get the whole story from the paid archives and there were many holes. One of my very good friends from Australia came to my rescue and we were able to get the story completed. Mandrake fans in India had been able to read an edited version of this story (that too in color) in various publications of Diamond Comics. One version had been published by Dr.Ramesh Bagwani in his blog.

Enough talk. Now on to the story. What does Mandrake do when he receives a gift of 8 little boxes at 8 minutes to 8 on August 8 from  Ocho jewellery?

Click to download story

Thanks to Paulo and my Australian friend Don Ladham for putting together this story. My part in this was just culling the Mandrake story from the PDFs and then putting it into a CBR file.




PBC said...

Thanks a lot Venkit, Paulo and Don Ladham! Pls continue posting.

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

Will try to have one strip per week.

praveen said...

Thanks for posting the strip. Thanks, for the assurance, also.

magazine file box said...

OOO Thanks for this post, I am loving your blog!!!