Thursday, November 1, 2007

#065:D009 - In the Cobra's Grip 04-19-1937 to 09-11-1937 Part 2 of 2

I just finished reading one of the Mandrake BigLittleBooks the daily D005 The WereWolf and the story was gripping. I do not have the complete daily of that in strips, have the book that was published in 1939. Am finishing the story of Flame Pearls series, interesting stuff. Anyone read these? Have a friend in France who sent me some scans of a part of Flame Pearls, after reading the story in the BigLittleBooks series, I am appreciating the comic strip even more and it is in Color!!!

Here is the part 2 of this daily. Did anybody read this strip online, or is everyone waiting for the download link. Would appreciate your feedback.

Download Strip Here


The Phantom Head said...

Dear Bala,

Thanks you for this classic strip. I generally wait for d/l link.

sAg_NiK said...

Dear balu,

In my initial days,when I discovered TCP,read many comics on-line....but it's now boring as I've a habit to re-read the same comic n can't read it on-line everytime... :-/

So,just d/l is very much ok!


Grouchy Smurf said...

Thanks for the strip. I dont wait for the d/l link. I use offline commander to get the pages. I could then make a .cbz or .cbr file myself. In anycase I come back use the d/l link as well. One copy at home and one at the office!

However I was just telling ICC that it is difficult to read B/W vintage strips onlines. Maybe these alone you could consider posting as a file.

Chandan said...

Great scans/strips,MTM.Good effort.Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Nice strip.

I like the part where Lothar asks Mandrake about spotting illusions; Mandrake replies that it is like choosing a wife - you have to take a chance.

@Bala - There are too many labels which are shown on the right side of the page. (Even though there are only a couple of labels which have more than one post) Can this be rectified?


Anonymous said...

thanks dude, stumbled upon this blog, and found many more wonderful indrajal blogs

WhatsInNames said...


Wonderful comic, and a classic one. I have been reading your blog and various other IJC blogs last few months. It's been like going back to my childhood days, when I used to look forward to reading any indrajaals that I could find.

So, I thank you and other bloggers - TPH, comic-guy, anupam, etc who post IJC regularly, and let people like me re-live their childhood.

Can anyone tell me why TCP has stopped posting?

- WhatsInNames

Anonymous said...

wait for the download ofcourse :)

deratt1 said...

I usually wait for the download link, but sometimes the story looks so good I can't wait, and just read it on-line.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@TPH: U r welcome...Thanks for the comments
@SG:agree. U r welcome...Thanks for the comments
@GS:U r welcome...Thanks for the comments. U r smart...Good idea
@Chandan:U r welcome...Thanks for the comments
@Lucky:U r welcome...Thanks for the comments. That was my favorite part as well and I was waiting for someone to bring it up. Labels have been corrected.
@Anon:U r welcome...Thanks for the comments and please give a name to better identify you.
@Whatsinnames:U r welcome...Thanks for the comments. Telling a name feels good. I agree and felt the same way when I first started Indrajals. I don't know why TCP stopped posting, let me know if you find out. Maybe he ran out of comics or saw too few people commenting but only downloading. Or it could be he got married to IP.
@deratt1: U r welcome...Thanks for the comments. I do the same thing.
Like downloading and reading offline.

Chandan said...

Wish MTM and everyone a very happy DEEPAVALI

WhatsInNames said...

I wish you a Happy Deepawali, and also to all the other readers of this blog.

Grouchy Smurf said...

Dear Bala,

Happy Diwali!

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@Chandan, @WhatsInNames, @GS: Thank you all for the wishes. Wish you all lots of fun and enjoy good food celebrating Deepavali.
Please keep visiting even though no comics/strips have been posted as I have been very busy with work and at home

Chandan said...

Sure,MTM.We all will.thanks.

The Phantom Head said...

Warm wishes for a happy Deepawali.

Thanks for all the efforts and pains you take for us all.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

TPH: Thanks for the appreciation. It is very nice to hear such words and is very encouraging.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

TPH: BTW, Happy Deepavali and enjoy bursting crackers

Colonel Worobu said...


Wish you a happy diwali!