Tuesday, December 4, 2007

#072: Indrajal Comic Vol 25 No. 15 The UnderSea Killer Monster Part 2

Here is the Second Part of this comic.

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Prabhat said...

Thanks for both parts in short time.

Grouchy's Comics said...

Thanks a lot for both comics. I am a little disappointed with this adventure. I think it could have been compressed into a single story. I think TOI delibrately increased the pictures to get two parts. The ending was also a little abrupt. On the plus side its good to see a situation where Mandrakes magic doesnt help him out of trouble.
Anyway an IJC is an IJC is an IJC and I would treasure it.
Many thanks.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@Prabhat: You are welcome. Did not want to keep readers waiting. (You will not believe if I tell you when there was only one blog TCP, we had to literally beg the blog owner for the next issue. It was frustrating. Now that's not the case. I did not want that to happen. My gripe with TCP was he was not even scanning any comic, just posting what Ajay had made used to take him so much time? well that's history as I don't think he will be back blogging)
@GS: You are very welcome. I felt the same. I think number of frames, came from the sunday strip. I have the black and white strip (not scanned, in physical form) that has almost the same number of panels. The ending is abrupt because in comic book form the story has to end at a reasonable point, the Cracken series goes beyond this story and hence IJC did not publish the remaining stories immediately.

comicrazee said...

MTM, Thanks for the posts. I think in future if the 'parts' are small with less pages, they should be combined to one and posted, even if there are more covers as dividers. It should be read in one flow. Hope you agree.

Dara said...

THis Kraken Sunday strip ran for 34 weeks.....and in IJC,the every sunday page was eqv. to a single page....hence overall a 34-page story (if unedited).But,practically,it's a 29/30-page story,i.e. ToI already had edited some part!!

Thus presenting in 2-part in quite understandable,also it makes readers much more curious abt the ending......as did I!!
After read the Part-I in 1990,have read the Part-2 just in this year,2007!!!!

Thus,ALL these years I wondered "what wud b the ending??either Kraken wud back where he/she came OR it'll die?? " ...Some nostalgia!!

P.S.- Thnx 4 Eng. Version!!

Chandan said...

MTM,fantastic post.Great frequency.
As far as comments are concerned(as you mentioned in Part 1 post),they have to come spontaneously from viewers.They have to feel obliged.Its not even a give and take relationship.
Because its 100% your effort.Take nothing away.So its a shame for whoever doesn't despite being able to do so.
At least 40 min. of d/l should provide a comment of about a 10 words(say a minute).Its pathetic.
So please continue your great effort.We are all with you.
First 50,next 100,still better 200 and many more posts should be your motto/goal.
Great effort,keep it up.

Anonymous said...

nice comic!
Keep it up...

deratt1 said...

Great story- this site is always apleasure to visit!

Grouchy's Comics said...

I have never read a Mandrake or Phantom strip before I started frequenting the comic blogs. Sometimes I wonder if somtimes,
the original strip could be posted
along with corresponding IJc cover + adpages . This way we would get the unedited version of story although in B/W. My point is that yes, IJcs are wonderfully nostalgic. The strips are great too. ICCS 50th post strips were a tremendrous treat and it felt at least as good as reading the corresponding Ijcs.

Carry on the good work.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@comicrazee: I thought so, but since they were different parts, thought I can split into 2 posts, to keep curiosity level at a high
@Dara: You are right, the comic books always edit some panels to make room for ad pages and publishing costs low. You are welcome.
@Chandan: Fully Agree with U. Let's Hope so, you are welcome.
@Anon: Thanks for commenting and visiting. Leave a name next time. You are welcome.
@deratt1: You are welcome. Like your comments.
@GS: Very True. Agree fully. ICC is doing a fabulous job in presenting the strips. I hope he can add some strips to the Phantom blog.

comic60 said...

thanx for the comic