Friday, December 7, 2007

#073: Indrajal Comic No.218 The Mystery of the Stone Face

Request from Chandan. Hope he will not bother me for a few days.
Here is another Indrajal master piece courtesy of Ajay Mishra & Vineeth Abraham. Excellent scan quality. Narda looks awesome. What do you all think? Have a great weekend.
I have this story as a strip and will be presenting it soon.

Download Comic Here


Dara said...

Hope he will not bother me for a few days

Now Bala,wait for a emotion-packed 'Chandan'-the ol' man's REPLY!!

He probably will say,"Did I bother you MTM??? It's just that I respect you so much,it's family ..blah blah...." ,then his patent "I'll NOT ask any Indrajals in future" and finished with his unique style..."anyway,plse post few Mandrake IJC like XYZ etc etc ..."


Dara said...

Abt the comic,I've this one in paper,,BUT the SCAN QUALITY is fabulous!!
Only if,we cud have such on-paper!!


Chandan said...

Dara,you saved me the trouble of shooting words.You took the words out of my mouth.Anyway I enjoy them.
More than comics I feel you are after me ie if any comic or post is posted on account of me.Great.

MTM--I did feel a little.Even if you had not said,I would not have requested for another for at least next 10-15 days ,leave alone 4 days.Trust me.
I have always said and believed one thing..."EASY TO DEMAND but EQUALLY DIFFICULT TO POST".
You guys may make it look simple but the toil attached is beyond imagination.So in all fairness i feel its a great thing that you all deliver time and again,day in and day out.
About the comic,all will know why I requested the same after reading.
Thanks MTM for the wonderful entertainment.Great effort.
Ajay and Vineeth---thanks for the wonderful scans and story.Great effort from you too.

Dara said...

I would not have requested for another for at least next 10-15 days ,leave alone 4 days

Chadan,so...... you cudn't control,eh???


Arre na yaar,I don after you...just said what i felt....don take it seriously n keep posting LONGGG Comments....:-))

Recently I saw acomment,u said I'm "Mr.T" i.e. Terror of this Blog-world(!!!!)...but then ,u r also "Mr.ET" ....Emotional Terror of demanding!!

Prabhat said...

Thanks for this comics. Please check scans 004,007,011 and 013. If possible reload them.
Thanks and best regards,

Prabhat said...

Downloaded scans 004,007,011 and 013. Thanks

Grouchy's Comics said...

Thanks for the comic. I liked it a lot. There was a similar Mandrake story posted in TCP/ICC I think in which there is an artificial head made on the mountain. Nice I love these weird Mandrake adventures.

adibud34 said...

Hi, thanks so much for this comic. The first time I ever read it. Although, I must say that this comic felt more like a Rip Kirby tale than a Mandrake tale. I could easily envisage Rip/Desmond instead of Mandrake/Lothar in this story.


Ajay said...

This particular comic was not available with Vineeth, even he is missing particular comic, this had been borrowed from Bhoopathy from Chennai who has also a great collection of Indrajal, Frew & all Phantom & Mandrake comics in Rani comics published in Tamil.
Scans were given some photoshop effect. I am happy you all enjoyed this comic . Even Vineeth wiill feel happy to read this comic.

just another comic fan said...

Comic #060 Download link is not properly working. (It shows upto download link but download doesnot start after clicking it.) Tried many times.
Can you plz provide another link for that?


Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@Dara: Seems like you know Chandan really well. Really liked the scans
@Chandan: Was just pulling your leg...don't worry. Glad I could suffice your request. You are welcome.
@Prabhat: Sometimes Imageshack servers are going thro maintenance. You are welcome.
@GS:You are welcome. Agree, like those weird ones.
@Aditya: You are welcome. Could have been done too.
@Ajay: Good to see you back and commenting. Thanks for taking the extra efforts to produce such wonderful scans. You do have a good network of Indrajalians...
just another comic fan: Please tell me your name and good you started commenting, I guess the non availability of the download got you to comment? Anyway, mediafire is lately having issues with downloads and links seem to get broken. Our friend Prabhat has a mirror site. Email me and I will send you the link.