Friday, April 3, 2009

The Good The Bad and The Ugly by Ennio Morricone

Many of you have read what has been happening. It does not mean the end of this blog.
People like PM has shown his true colors. Isn't it? It does not matter to me. The aim of this project has not changed. I have different ways of tackling the links issue. While myself and other friends are working out the logistics, this is a good break time for me to consolidate my contributors scans and organize them.

There is a saying in Kannada (Nayi boghaladare, deva loka hallayatha?) means some dog barks, is the heaven affected? You are what you are, PM.

Also, it brings me to share some music that I happened to find on my hard drives. The movie is one of my favorites and although I have seen it 20 times it is forever refreshing.
Now let's see if he wants to post these links as well.... (I could care much less for his blogging)

Better yet I have a great project for him if he is interested. Why not go to each and every comic blog or site in the world and compile a universal comics listing and compile a global comics list that includes the language, the scans if available and where available, the resolution quality, location of the physical comic, who the publisher is, when it was published, and much more information and you get the idea. If you don't email me. Have this all loaded in a searchable database that every comic fan (an avid reader like you) would love to access and read. This can give you a life besides going after compiling download links from a few blogs. What do you say, avid reader, I hope you understand what I am saying that is GET A LIFE AND USE SOME COMMON SENSE TO COME UP WITH YOUR OWN IDEA FOR BLOGGING.

The Good part is we are all united against PM the link stealer. The Bad part is PM and his cheap concept of stealing links from existing blogs, the UGLY part is all other fans are affected by his actions. At least thanks for the warning, because forewarned is forearmed. Remember that quote from Indrajal comics? He is like the Trick Stealer the Sunday Mandrake story which I enjoyed, will provide later on.

I am ready for the weekend I hope everyone will have some peace and quiet.
Time to enjoy some music that I love and would like to share.

Ennio Morricone - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - Expanded
01 - Il Buono, Il Cattivo, Il Brutto (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly) (Main Title)
02 - Il Tramonto (The Sundown)
03 - Sentenza
04 - Fuga A Cavallo
05 - Il Ponte Di Corde
06 - Il Forte (The Strong)
07 - Inseguimento

08 - Il Deserto (The Desert)
09 - La Carrozza Dei Fantasmi (The Carriage Of The Spirits)
10 - La Missione San Antonio
11 - Padre Ramirez
12 - Marcetta (Marcia)
13 - La Storia De Un Soldato (The Story Of A Soldier)
14 - Il Treno Militare
15 - Fine Di Una Spia
16 - Il Bandito Monco
17 - Due Contro Cinque

18 - Marcetta Senza Speranza (Marcia Without Hope)
19 - Morte Di Un Soldato (The Death Of A Soldier)
20 - L'estasi Dell'oro (The Ecstasy Of Gold)
21 - Il Triello [The Trio) (Main Title)


SG said...

Hello Balaji,
As we understnd tht person's dirty & cheap tricks,please don't call him P.MISRA as he should laughing a lot,'cos tht person SURELY not P.MISRA neither having that "face" posted in is profile!!PEEYOUSH MISRA IS A FAKE IDENTITY ONLY!!!



Jai said...

Agreed with SG.
The English usage, grammer and composition also shows that it is far superior to any 'Misra' style. A bhayya, even supposedly from Bombay cannot be such a polished writer.
This person is a fraud for sure.
By the way, today he could not post any comic! Can anyone guess why??
Now this is a classic case of Sheikh Chilli..cutting the very same branch on which he is
Your collection of instrumentals are superb. It sure made my day.
Jai, Kazakhstan.

adibud34 said...

Neat music, Balaji. Thanks for the links! And, again I do hope that this whole imbroglio gets settled!

@SG - Hey, is that guy's profile a fake one? What made you think that? I never thought for a minute that it was fake - it seemed pretty real! Could you please explain your reasoning?

@Jai - Hey, are you in Kazakhstan? Awesome! How is it to live there? Also, were the people really pissed off with the Borat movie, or was it more of a governmental reaction? :)

Jai said...

Hello adibud34
Life is good (LG) in Kazak. Nice place. Cannot comment on govt.All is watched. 'Extremly Big, Big Brother'. No question of people being pissed. They are the dumbest lot I have ever seen. Their IQ may even beat sub-Sahara.
Language is the biggest problem. Trying to learn Russian. Many words are from Hindi/Sanskrit, yet overall it seems alien and difficult. Hope to manage in a couple of years! :))
All the same LG.

adibud34 said...

Hi Jai, really? Ha ha! Wow! Are you working there in the petroleum industry then? I had noticed a job opportunity there in my field, but I didn't apply for it! Good to know that LG for the most part!

Rafiq Raja said...

Hope the message is sent to the mysterious link thief. By the way balaji, I would be interested to get an access to the searchable database for comics index you referred.... Would help my blog posts at Comicology :)

I have sent you a mail on the same.


Jai said...

No I do not work in Petroleum sector though I supply them with Hi-tec components.
Used to work in ONGC Bombay High a thousad years ago.
If you tell me about the Kazak company where you had the opportunity, perhaps I might be able to give you some background of it.
Meanwhile I would not advise to come here now.Everything is in a bad shape. 2nd quarter 2010 onwards it will be ok.
In any case except for language barrier you will enjoy this country.LG!

adibud34 said...

Hi Jai, thanks for clarifying that. Well, I didn't apply for that position, so I guess it's too late for it now. The position was for an assistant prof of management at the main university there. I didn't think that I would enjoy living there much - but then I had just seen Borat before that, so maybe that influenced my decision! ;)

Anonymous said...

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