Thursday, April 2, 2009

No More Download Links...Sorry Readers I hope you will agree with what I am about to do

It is been painful to hear that an Invisible Thief has been lurking from the past couple of days maybe a few months went into his planning on how to steal from comic blogs and eventually kill them. If you read my last post did I not give you a hint that I will reveal it later. So here comes the Invisible Thief AKA Peeyoush Mishra who has had plenty of comments for his "great work" of stealing download links and putting them in his blog for which a great deal of effort goes in. He may be reading it and playing aloof. I would like to let him know a little history first. This effort of providing comics online is not done with any compensation of any kind, it is done purely out of love for reading the comics we all grew up with.
It used to be so hard to afford a comic given that pocket money/allowance which we got was in limited quantity and was never enough to buy as many as we could. Eventually, we would borrow/exchange from friends and build our collection of comics.
I remember at one time I had about 200 comics mostly Phantom & Mandrake, but in the process of moving houses, changing schools, my collection vanished and now have a few left. I got hooked on to reading online comics with the one and only blog that offered it, you guessed it, The Comic Project, it was so much fun trying to be the first one to comment and a healthy discussion of current events, comic storyline, sports, etc. I came across Misraji ("The Pioneer Ajay Mishra") in reading his scans and wanted to get in touch with him someday. Eventually we crossed our paths and I am forever greatful for all his efforts in making them available to people like me who had no Indrajals while in the US. Then came the ICC blog which was a daily ritual to visit during lunch time to get more of Indrajals. At that point I saw there was no site dedicated for Mandrake Comic strips and hence started this project. I have been very lucky to come across several contributors and friends with similiar interests and it has taken a long time to build a community that is actively involved in pursuit of acquiring as many dailies and sundays we can find. Mandrake comic strips have not been as popular and readily available as compared to the Phantom because of the fan base and more publishers willing to publish those strips.
I then started hunting what I could find and even started buying on EBay, again was lucky to get a considerable set of books, some of which I have scanned and posted. In the process of building this fan community I came across a few contributors who came forward to provide me scans for this project, whom I would not have come across if this blog did not exist. The end result is we have all been enjoying reading various sundays & dailies stories & Indrajals. I have also gotten in contact with new friends who have a similar liking. It's been an enjoyable ride until now.

Now comes Invisible Thief AKA Peeyoush Mishra who intends to put only the download links of any comics he finds from the different blogs hosting Indrajal comics and strips into his blog attempting to create a mirror because he is too lazy to go to each blog and read about a comic or strip and then download it from that blog. To me, it means he does not value the efforts taken by the owner of the comic or strip to scan each page, perform some cleanup to make it more readable/enjoyable, upload files and finally provide a download link. It is like taking the icing out of the cake. I have emailed him and left comments on his "blog" and have no respnses.

So, to conclude, am not going to provide any download links on the blog as it does not justify the time and true efforts of the contributors and myself from now on. I can be reached by email you all know and is listed on the blog. Please contact me and I will provide you depending on whether I can trust you to not deliver the link to the Invisible Thief. I knew this would happen sooner or later as there are these folks who just want to download the strip and move on without any consideration to thank and appreciate the efforts taken by the scanner and the blogger.


Brian said...

I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago and have enjoyed reading the comics you have posted. I appreciate all the work that brought some work I would never have seen if I had not found your blog.

Jai said...

Hello my Dear
All you guys are doing a wonderfull job by posting various comics including IJC ofcourse.
I have been enjoying all these months reading your write ups and other details along with the comic.
Please do not get upset by these type of people, who can only plagarise and copy, but can never do anything on their own.
All bad thing come to an end. this site will also die a natural death.
So cheers and do not deviate from your purpose. Long live Mandrake and long live IJC.
(By the way the first ever IJC I read was of Mandrake back in 1971, #146, The Cobra !)
Jai, Kazakhstan

Indrajal Comics Club said...


do not post a link to his blog, u r advertising him ,, pls remove the link

Anonymous said...

Please see my comment on Prabhat's blog! It should definitely help you out as well!


The Phantom Head (TPH) said...

I think ICC is right. Ignorance will be the best weapon in this case. No need to make him famous by being so attentive to his evil deeds.

Ajnaabi said...

So the Virus spreaded over to ur blog too ? About time the IJC/ACK Bloggers should get united. Remember the movie "independence day" ?

Deb said...


I'll repeat the same things I put in Prabhat's blog. I think ICC & TPH is right. Don't publicize this blog.

You have every right to be upset with this. We all get to enjoy Indrajals & Mandrake strips because of your efforts. Thanks, I really hope this gets resolved soon.

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

There will always come a time in life when we will have to adapt to some unforeseen circumstances. This is one such thing.

The initial response will be one of dismay, anger and hopelessness. But we need to work thru that and work out a way to help the real enthusiasts to get the comics

There was one suggestion from a friend in Prabhat's blog about link protection. Like I mentioned in Prabhat's blog, there are only about 6 or 7 who are actively involved in posting IJC & ACK comics. I send my scans to only about 4 people. So you guys should be able to get together and finalize a strategy to thwart the Invisible Thief.

I shall be sending you guys my scans the regular way.

Thanks and good luck.

Anonymous said...

Please don't get diverted with the bullshits from this dirty thief!!



Anonymous said...

Please don't get diverted with the bullshits from this dirty thief!!



Anonymous said...

Please don't get diverted with the bullshits from this dirty thief!!



Rafiq Raja said...

I agree and sympathize with your cause. But the fact is that we have made a hue and cry about this person's blog, which has ultimately given him enough advertisement already. The best thing we should have done is to have avoided him, and deleted all his comments.

That way, we could have deleted his existence out of the web. Then we could use Link protection, and give it only to those who commment and have a valid id's or record in the past to have commented in the blog. The new readers should then build up a portfolio, and then request for link access... This may be tough, but this process, will discourage this mischief maker, and will make him stop from what he is doing.

It's good that you have removed the link to him already. Way to Go. Let's delete his existence out of the blog-o-sphere. then we will continue our way forward.


adibud34 said...

Yeah, let's take a momentary hiatus and then figure out a way to move forward on! I totally endorse Rafiq's views!

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Brian, Welcome to the blog, glad you enjoyed my posts and thanks for the sincere appreciation of my contributors and scanner's efforts in trying to have some good enjoyable reading. That's what the purpose of this blog is for.

People like PM may claim to be "avid readers" but don't show that in their actions. What a waste of life....or should I say PIG's life.

Jai, Welcome to the blog, glad to hear your sincere appreciation. Thanks for the encouragement. Keep visiting and commenting Sir. Glad to have you on board in this amazing voyage we are all having reading Mandrake. Matter of fact 146 is going to be posted here soon, thanks to Venkit and ICC for the scans.

You are absolutely right. Thanks.

Maddy, what a nickname. Welcome to the blog, Appreciate the input. Will try it out and let you know.

TPH,You are absolutely right. Thanks. Evil deeds more often come to an end sooner than later. Good efforts are a virtue not everyone can experience.

Ajnaabi, it started as a comment in my earlier post, I tried to stop it by deletion of the comment and letting everyone know. We are all united. Yep seen the Independence Day. Thanks for all your scans.

Deb, You are absolutely right. Thanks. It will be. I have a few ways to resolve this for good, even though it may take some more of my efforts, no doubt but folks on our side should have no need to worry.

Venkit, You are very correct. Thanks for putting things in perspective. I loved your comments on PBC blog. Was very funny the reference to Pig, which I believe PM is and am told he is an avatar of it. A person or more like a character shows its true colors of which it is made of. Nobody can prevent that.
Now all of us know, what PM is made of. I will follow PBC's footsteps and have a few ideas myself. The link protyection needs to be tested.
Thanks for all the efforts you take in scanning.

Anon, You are very correct. Sensed it as well. Further revealing of his "PIGself" is going to destroy him...hahahahaha

Rafiq Raja, Thanks. I did try. You are correct, we need to have a different approach. Thanks for your portal. Excellent concept.

Aditya, Thanks for putting things in perspective on the PIG(PM)'s blog.

Anonymous said...

People taking so much of the efforts to procure,scan,prepare and post a comic should be respected for their work.

This gets multiplied if they do it for no monetory expectations and that too in addition to their regular work and commitments.

My best wishes are with you.

The person involved will also understand with time that he can not run his blog without fresh crop of comics and one day will stop his adventure.

Have patience.

Our best wishes are with you.


Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Rakesh, Thanks a lot and welcome to the blog. You are absolutely correct.