Saturday, September 1, 2007

#035: L’intégrale - tome 3 - S062 The Tomb May 30 1954 to Jul 18th 1954

Here is the 3rd story.
Before the weekend's over I hope to provide all the remaining stories of Volume 2. Call it MANDRAKE-A- THON for Labor Day celebration...

3. La tombe qui sÕouvre
Original US name: The Tomb
Story number: S062 [1]
Start date: 1954-05-30
End date: 1954-07-18
Printed in: SpŽcial Mandrake #unknow, date unknow.
Reprint start page: file057.jpg (page 241)
Reprint end page: file064.jpg (page 248)
Narda come back to her house at midnight and has one tire of her car that is flat. Unfortunately, this happens near the city cemetary and Narda looses her hat because of the wind. So she goes to take back her "bibi" and enters the cemetary! The hat stopped on a tomb. When Narda takes the hat, a skeleton hand takes her! What is this mystery? You know what to do to get the answer!

1954-05-30: the first strip of this story.
Image 1:
Narda: What a shame! The tire is flat... at midnight... Near a cimetary! The nearest house is at two miles. I only have to search a repair car!
Image 2:
Narda: ItÕs dark! And this wind... My hat...
Image 3:
Narda: I do not want to lose it, it is a new one. It is not pleasant to go there, so much worse!
Image 4:
Narda: ItÕs sinister here. ItÕs dark... DonÕt be silly, there is nothing to fear... My hat?

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