Friday, September 28, 2007

Strange description of Lothar I had not come across until now !

Came across a page looking for Mandrake on the net and did not like how Lothar was portrayed:

Mandrake The Magician
A contemporary stage magician on par with David Copperfield and Penn & Teller, Mandrake travels the world among the celebrity jet set. While everyone assumes his magic is mere stage trickery (and, truth be told, 99% of the time it is), Mandrake does have real magic powers. He does not reveal these powers to the world at large for a variety of reasons: (1) Most people would scoff and refuse to believe him no matter what proof he offered (2) The people who did believe would try to force him to use his powers for ulterior purposes (3) He stays on top of the stage magician heap by using his magic to give his theatrical trickery just that little bit of extra “oomph” that separates him from the rest of the herd.
Mandrake is a wit, bon vivant, gourmet, and intellectual man of the world. His greatest enemy is boredom, and to that end he enjoys getting involved in other people'’ problems -- particularly when somebody nasty is trying to harm an innocent person (of course, in Mandrake’s circles, “nasty” and “innocent” tend to be relative terms…).

Lothar, his leopard print leotard wearing assistant, is a complete fraud. Lothar claims to be the deposed king of an obscure African nation, but everybody knows he’s a phony. Lothar attached himself to Mandrake by setting up a circumstance where he claimed Mandrake saved his life -- and now Mandrake is responsible for him!
Mandrake, amused by Lothar’s audacity, keeps him on as part of his act and as his major domo. Though a con man himself, Lothar is also a soft touch for a sob story and frequently brings people with problems (an astonishing number of them being young, beautiful women) to Mandrake for help."


digdid said...

Both portraits - though quite witty and not completely wrong - are rather proof of the author’s cynical mind than revealing real knowledge of the characters in question.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@digdid: Very nicely put...
Exactly what i felt when I read it. Welcome to the blog

Anonymous said...

Check this out...

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@Anon:Looks like both the links have their files removed from the Mediafire servers. If you have them can you upload them to mediafire and email me

sAg_NiK said...

Hi all frnds,

Recently i Inked some B/W 'Mandrake strips'
....have a look on some samples i published today at this BLOG:

Lemme know,how u feel :-)

#Bala: U r most wellcome, frnd ...without ur blog,i never even dreamt abt such attempt.
Any suggestion frm u will b special! :-))