Thursday, September 6, 2007

HELP!!! Missing Scans....Does anyone have the missing scans ???

A friend of mine emailed me that I have missing scans in this daily between 10/29/1997 and 11/29/1997...I was not aware of that. Thanks for noticing it and bringing it to my attention. (10.29.97 Falk & Fred) (11.29.97 Falk & Fred)

Have a request for anyone having these missing strips.
Could you please provide me the scans so that I can post it here.
Thanks a lot in advance...

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Anonymous said...

Great work on the scans, Bala.

The scans between 10/24/2007 (and not 10/29/2007) and 11/29/2007 are missing.
Also missing are the scans from 02/01/1939 to 07/01/1939 in D016-Visitors from Outer Space. (3 pages in the comic book format)

It would be great if somebody could find these scans.