Monday, September 3, 2007

#038: D226 - Mandrake's Wedding at the College of Magic 08-04-1997 to 01-24-1998 Part 2

LABOR DAY Weekend Edition!!
Here is Part 2 of the Wedding...
Is everyone enjoying the wedding adventure so far? Have received some fantastic emails from a couple of fans. Thanks for visiting & emailing...


M Pattabiraman said...


I sure am enjoying it. Thanks for posting it. I had requested these sometime back. I know it has been revealed that Theron is Mandrakes father (and not the stage magician as potrayed earlier). It would be nice if you could post that sometime in the future.

Mozz said...

great job. but don't you have colored version of this.

James In CT said...

I just recently discovered your blog. Thanks for posting these incredible comics... I've sort of a new Mandrake fan and these comics are a great history lesson.

Mandrake's prisoner-disguise number, 39013, has to be a nod from Fredricks to the classic Republic cliffhanger serial, "Daredevils of the Red Circle" from 1939...!! That really made me smile.