Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How much is a page of Mandrake Art worth?

Came across this info on the web: Makes you wonder...is it really worth that much?

What do you think?
Phil Davis - Original Comic Strip Art for Mandrake the Magician Sunday dated 9-13-36 (King Features Syndicate, 1936).

What character, created and shopped around for ten years before being picked up, was the first costumed, superpowered force for justice on the comics page? If you said Superman, you're dead wrong. That distinction belongs to Mandrake the Magician, who began his crimebusting career a full four years before the Kryptonian-come-lately.

Created by 19-year-old Lee Falk (who would also go on to create The Phantom), it took ten years for Mandrake to find a home with King Features Syndicate. Strong on scripting, but weak on artistic ability, Falk hired Phil Davis, a commercial artist, to draw the feature, and history was made. Davis' strong, stylish art, coupled with Falk's taut storylines, made Mandrake a favorite with readers.

Aided by the giant Lothar, Mandrake has fought the good fight for over six decades. The strip offered here, a beautiful example of Davis' art deco stylings, has an image area of approximately 13.75" x 21.25" and is in excellent condition. Signed by Davis in the seventh panel, it would be hard to find a more attractive example of this classic strip.

Sold for: $10,925.00 (includes BP) Bid Source: Live: Phone Ended: Apr 1, 2004


RAHUL said...

Iam also quite surprised by the statistics that has everyone stunned.
Anyway,that was quite something worthy to be noted.THANKS,MTM.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

That's what I thought. Hence decided to post what I found. I also have some other stuff I just got will post it...
Told one of my friends in Bangalore and he was so happy to see this site

Anonymous said...

How much woul the issues 100-200 be work for MTM