Thursday, September 27, 2007

#048: Indrajal Comic No.257 Mandrake and the Bandits of Magna

Thanks everyone for voting!!!

Since the voting is almost done, the most voted Indrajal comic (for the first time in this blog) is presented here. Unfortunately, the scans are not of a high quality and if someone has this physical copy a better version of the scans can be made available at a later time. If anybody finds better quality scans please email me.

Also, am going to present another poll for voting the most liked daily strip in a couple of days.

For those of you, wishing for a colored scan on this blog, here it is.

Download Comic Here


sAg_NiK said...

#Bala:Thnx 4 posting this one ..... tried frm last 3/4 months to read this & today's that day! ;-))

AND,I'm FIRST in ur FIRST Indrajal(our all-time favorite) release :-)

P.S.- Don u like my attemp to color the B/W mandrake strips ?? (though i sent u an incomplete strip in excitement :-(
....but,it's my dream to SEE all Mandrake comics in color (rather don mind to see Phantom in B/W )...& so i make my invest some free-times in Inking these time-less strips,rather net-surfing & repeated comic-reading ...
Hope u understand .... am very much thankful to u 4 making available ALL those priceless strips of this fabulous magician !

Cheers ....

Ajay said...



Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@Sagnik: Yes you are indeed the First. Congratulations! You have to finish reading that Comic today...I liked what U did to the B/W scans, nice effort. I share your opinion, it's nicer to read the comic strip in color. Takes a lot of time and effort since each story has so many panels.
You are welcome. That was my intent, to make all the strips available to anyone wanting to read them.
@Ajay: Thanks buddy, welcome to the blog. Send me a better version of the scan and I can post it.

Ravi Satpathy said...

I have been a silent admirer of your fantastic blog from its inception and have enjoyed in its full form.
I have also been a silent reader of other blogs too namely CW,ICC and TCP.Now here is a doubt which i wish to clear,these particular comic scans were sent to me by Comic Guy sometime back on my constant pressing requests,i think those scans are same as posted by you now.My question is are these scans contributed by Comic Guy to you or you sent them previously to Comic Guy.
If the former is correct then won't it be a nice gesture to add a line or two giving thanks to Comic Guy for his valuable contribution!!! and if later is correct than i am sorry for my previous words and kudoos to you for presenting such a rare and nice comic for all of us.

Rahul said...

Dear Ravi,the main thing is that this comic got posted on MTM.And all thanks to him.In fact I can't thank him enough as I,along with many others, are die-hard fans of Indrajal comics.
Dear MTM,is this the start to many a Indrajal comic on your wonderful blog apart from lots of other scans?
Even the speed of the download is tremendous.Great job,MTM.

sAg_NiK said...

#Bala: Hi,sorry 4 one thing ... i didn't check the mail-box b4 my comment,as that mail-id now became a secondary one,so checked once in 3/4 days only :-(...

Thnx 4 encouraging! Though i'm NOW going 2 ink some discrete strips with 'more option' of experimenting with colors :-) ...let's se what happen!
But,one thing is sure,i'll continue this project AS LONG AS POSSIBLE ...may b the speed will vary (as strip-Inking is a very time-consuming job ).

P.S.- Already read some 10-12 pages & i'm really happy that,here we get a sumarry of how mandrake met Magnon ...the Glactic contest etc (originally a '55 strip)....Thnx again !

#ravi :R u a regular visitor (silence is no matter!) of long time ? If yes,then may heard the name of MISRAJI.....who's the Original source of "English scans" published @ TCP/CW/ICC & now here @Mandrake-blog..
..may heard that "Misraji contribution" tag @TCP several times ????

This scan ALSO contributed by that gr8 person,without whom may b we missed many Indrajals ,specially those early ones ...


Mozz said...

Excellent post..
but the scan quality is not too good. Please post more colorful ones with Narda in it.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@RaviSatpathy: Welcome to the blog, thanks for being a frequent visitor and for commenting your thoughts. These comics were scanned by a good friend of mine Ajay Mishra (AKA Mishraji). He is one of those early scanners who did not have a very good scanner at the time he started the scanning project. Of late, his scans have greatly improved and are exceptional.
He is one of the few Indrajal comics contributors I know who has devoted a lot of time and effort in bringing back the fun filled memories of reading Indrajal comics. Many thanks to him and I hope he reads my comments
@Rahul:You are very welcome. I will try to post as many indrajals I have and get from friends on this blog, some have already been posted in other blogs that I truly admire such as CW, ICC & TCP and visit often.
@SG: No Problem, you are welcome and Good Luck on your project as well.
@Mozz: Thanks, hope I can get some colored comics where Narda has prominent roles. I remember one, the story of cats, don't have that Indrajal though. At least, I have the French version that is in color

sAg_NiK said...

Hi all frnds,

Recently i Inked some B/W 'Mandrake strips'
....have a look on some samples i published today at this BLOG:

Lemme know,how u feel :-)