Friday, January 4, 2008

#081:Colored Version S031 The Attalan Deep 24 Jun 1945 to 4 Nov 1945

First Post of the New Year. Enjoy these colored scans, compliments of Jacques.
Substituted a B/W scan for the missing week of colored scans.
Have any of you seen the defenders of the earth videos? I have the entire set in AVI files.
If someone has a rapidshare account I can upload them. They are pretty big like 250MB a piece.
Mediafire allows only 100MB I think per file.
How's the new year so far? Have been very busy.
Found some time to post.

Download Strip Here


grimgrom said...

Beautiful pics and great story.Thx,and HNY for all.

Ajay said...

Very nice scans. rare too.
keep it up, Bala

mister alf said...

Thanks for another great post. The color adds a new dimension to the story.
For those who may be interested, Defenders Of The Earth - Complete Series (8 Disc Box Set) (798013)
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Features all 65 episodes from the series plus 2 bonus feature-length movies - "The Story Begins" and "Prince Kro-Tan".

The Skull Cave Treasures said...

Dear MTM, blog ready!pl. visit & comment

Grouchy's Comics said...

Great stuff! This is such rare stuff and so culturally important. Someone can do research on the creation of Mandrake based just on the info available here and in other IJc blogs! Wow what a resource this is developing into.