Tuesday, January 8, 2008

#082: D253 - Dangerous Music March 5th 2007 to August 18th 2007

UPDATE: COMICCRAZEE has done a fantastic job in transforming one of the black and white scans into a color scan. Here is the scan. Update your cbr file with this one. To thank him for the painful efforts I am going to dedicate the next post for his contribution. Thanks again CC.

This is a Longggg post. One of the recent dailies. Story could have been more interesting if the ending was more dramatic. Mandrake meets Cobra! Enjoy!!!

Download Strip Here


Anonymous said...

Nice story.
Sequel to 'D234: The Lost Chord' which was posted some time ago in this blog.

But Bala, it is much more difficult to get scans of classic stories. The recent string of Sunday stories was awesome. I think those stories should be given higher priority while posting.


Ajay said...

Really very nice scans. Never read this story . Thanx

comic60 said...

thanx for the comic (though i havent read it yet), waiting for the download link :). too many pages and makes it tough to manually download each page.

Grouchy's Comics said...

I was hoping you would post this someday! Can you please use ComicGen tool to collate 4 strips per page when you post the download? It would be very convinient to read then.
Although yours is a repository for vintage Mandrake scans a new strip or and IJC now and then would be a very welcome change! Thanks so much.

DARA said...

Thnx for this strip!

I've read allmost all Fredrick's 'Daily Creations',incld. that strip originally frm Falk,but finished by Fred:D231(Secret Mission).
I really enjoyed those 'Post-Falks' Daily strips,though Sundays are really unavailable,except the last one...S187!

P.S.- Frm 7th Jan'08 a new Daily has been started:D255! :-)

Grouchy's Comics said...

Many thanks Bala. I didnt realise your strips were of higher resolution. Thanks for posting the download link immediatly.

ranjit said...

awesome.....the end was a sour note though after coming face to face with the 'cobra'.....wonderful strip...a must read and must have for mandrake buffs!!

bahadur said...

Great effort,dear MTM...
Continue the good work,btw iam looking fwd to a coloured version

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@Lucky: What you say is very true, problem is the Sundays from Pioneer volumes have not been scanned yet. Also, I am told that just posting vintage scans can make it monotonous (black and white only). I will post them as & when I get it scanned.
@Ajay: You are welcome.
@Comic60:True, You are welcome.
@GS: You are welcome.Haven't used that tool. will need to try it. You are right.
@Dara: You are welcome. Even I have been looking for those strips, hard to come by. Keep me posted when you come across any after S187.
@GS: I tend to like the High Res ones. You are welcome.
@Ranjit: You are welcome. Exactly what I felt, what an opportunity for Mandrake to finish off the Cobra.
@Bahadur:You are welcome. I am also looking for that. Don't have that. Am trying my network of friends, will see.

Traka said...

The comiccrazee job is "impresionante" (in spanish...). Thanks a lot Bala.