Friday, January 25, 2008

#087: Indrajal Comics Vol.23 No.19 The Dragour From Vega-3

Here is a Indrajal comic having the Sunday story S152 - Dr Ffark's Cosmic Circus started 5 Feb 1984 and ended 3 Jun 1984 for 18 weeks long.
This comic has been scanned, cleaned and made available to this blog by PEDER the creator of Xanadu site for Mandrake!!! Thanks a lot, Peder for the contribution.
Loved the scans and the story. Peder has scanned the book cover to cover and I am pretty sure Col.Worubu would like all the ads and side stories.

Download Comic Here


Comic World said...

This is a very fascinating of my favorite.Really the imagination of Falk was unmatched in every way.Thanks to all contributors for it.

Colonel Worobu said...


Thank you for remembering me and my request for ads. I dont know if Peder knows about me but I sincerely thank him for these beautiful scans.

Col. W

adibud34 said...

Thanks so much for this comic! It was very interesting to read - although, I wish Lothar were around, he would've taken care of the 'Gourmet Gourmand Alien'! :)

Indrajal Comics Club said...

thanks for the post, please ask peder to scan more n more ;-

Ruchi said...

Thanks for this comic. A very different one. Mandrake has to rely on his wit, rather than magic to bail himself (and others) out.

- Ruchi.

bahadur said...

Great effort,Bala.
Keep it up.But my request still holds good...i want to see the story of how OCTON was exposed.
Can we get to view that strip?
Will be a mind blowing post,please.


Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

CW: You are welcome. Nice one.
Col.W: You are welcome. I will pass on your compliments to Peder.
Aditya: You are welcome. Lothar was missing here, maybe gone to deep woods to assist Phantom.
ICC: You are welcome. Will ask Peder.
@Ruchi: You are welcome. true.
@Bahadur: You are welcome. Have not forgotten that, one of my friends said it had only been published in a swedish fantomet magazine. Once I can get it I will post it. BTW I have a turkish book having Mandrake's first sunday, a huge one, 168 pages or so.

DARA said...

Lothar was missing here, maybe gone to deep woods to assist Phantom

NOOOOO!!!!!PHANTOM works ALONE!!!!....atlst WORKED ALONE till '99,in time of "Falk".....donno what's now? ;-)

May be,Mandrake wished 2 have few moments wid Narda,alone!;o)

Btwn,Lothar's so-called assist(to GWW) happened recently in the begining of 'Hitman';2006 i.e. in Fredricks era! ;-/

The Phantom Head said...
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The Phantom Head said...

Thanks Bala. This is a very interesting story. Thanks to Peder also.

The story where Octon was revealed as cobra was also published in India in Diamond Comics. They published it in three parts (mandrake - 18, 19 and 20). I have the last two parts in Hindi.

Deb said...

Thanks a lot, MTM & Peder. This was one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

I think the download link is dead. Please renew it