Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Official Adventures of Mandrake The Magician & The Phantom

Here are some Stories of Phantom & Mandrake in MP3s and wanted to share them here. First time ever anyone posted MP3s in the comic blogs I have come across!!! Enjoy.
More Fantastic News!!! Friend of mine Olivier Papon from Italy will be a contributor to this blog and has shared an English Story "The Tale of Detru" coming up next. He has also given some Italian scans which will be made available here.

The Phantom.mp3

Mandrake the Magician_Revenge_Of_The_Cobra.mp3

Some Stories from OTR (old time Radio) sites:





DARA said...


A good change,Bala!!! d/loding one Mandrake-MP3!! :-))

Chatur Cheeta said...

Thanks for the unique post.
Some one may post the Phantom TV serial some time in the future.

comic.crazy said...

You are going too faaar, too faaast... What next????

deratt1 said...

You've discovered my second weakness-- old-time radio programs! I'll be playing one of these on my way to work tomorrow. (and maybe play it while I'm working, if I can get away with it!)What next? Many thanks and blessings upon you for this one!

Anonymous said...

can someone plz post ACK ........... who no one is intereasted in posting them ????
plzzzzz upload them......

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@Dara: You are welcome. Enjoy...
@Chatur Cheeta: You are welcome. Very well possible in the near future. I have the 1943 B/W movie in DVD and the color story made in 1972 I think.
@Comic.crazy: Don't know, stay tuned.
@deratt1: Don't know, stay tuned. Enjoy the OTR downloads. You are very welcome. I enjoyed them and wanted to see if anybody would like it.
@Anon: Looks like the demand for ACK is not so hot or folks do not have the scans available to post.